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    Kitcast Podcast – Episode 4 – Digital Signage Digest March

    In the new episode of our podcast series, we discuss the latest developments in the digital signage industry and beyond. From a double digit growth in the OOH market to Visix’s ultra-small nano digital signage player that will blow you away. What does JCDecaux SA’s first international audience measurement system mean for the airport industry? Did TRMS’s Carousel system have an unchanged default administrator password? For more on this and other hottest news that will help you up your digital signage game – listen to our March DS Digest.

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    10 Digital Signage Ideas on St. Patrick’s Day

    We’re talking about that time of the year when people start their celebration in the morning and sometimes forget to finish it the next day. On our end, we strongly believe that that there are excellent digital signage content ideas that you can implement as a restaurant, cafe, bar or retail store owner to entertain your customers. We love St. Patrick’s Day so much that we’ll gladly share these ideas with you.

  • Kitcast Podcast - Episode 3 - How Social Proof Helps Improve Your Digital Signage

    Kitcast Podcast – Episode 3 – How Social Proof Helps Improve Your Digital Signage

    More and more brands try engage their audience by focusing on content marketing – especially, on the user-generated content as one of the most versatile tools. Studies show that the overall brand engagement is getting higher by 28% once you implement the UGC into your digital signage strategy as it helps to bond with your customers and improves social proof. In our new episode of Kitcast Podcast we explore the ways UGC can influence social proof, how you can use it in digital signage and what benefits you can receive.

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    What You Can do Best with Digital Signage

    Since the day of the first digital signage implementation, this technology developed into something completely futuristic and stunning. No matter what kind of business you run, there are plenty of things you can do using the digital signage content. Today we want to have a look into the best ways to utilize the signage displays. What’s digital signage best at?

  • 11 Reasons Why Digital Signage is a Good Idea - Kitcast Blog
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    11 Reasons Why Digital Signage is a Good Idea

    Digital signage is so popular these days that it even sounds a bit ridiculous that someone can forget to use this tool. Utilizing the digital signage displays correctly may not only reboot your marketing strategy but improve your conversions. Today we want to review the fundamental reasons why you should try out the digital signage. We know for sure why it can be useful for your business, so let’s see what’s in it for you.

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    How to Attract Customer of Your Clothes Store with Digital Signage

    Fashion is a highly competitive industry. Though shopping for clothes stands among preferred and is often rated as a highly enjoyable experience, online shopping has bitten a huge chunk from the brick-and-mortar business and more often than not we see clothing stores losing out to online shopping and calling it quits. In fear of losing more customers down the line, fashion retailers began turning to high-tech market innovations. We see more and more stores turning to digital signage.