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  • The most impressive digital signage products in 2022

    The Most Impressive Digital Signage Products in 2022

    Although it’s been more than a month since InfoComm 2022 ended, we’ve decided to do a round-up of the coolest digital signage products we’ve seen at the show. Why it’s important? Because it’s what’s trending in the audiovisual industry at the moment, and it’s always better to keep your hand on the pulse of the latest advancements.  1. The Wall All-in-One, The Wall (IWB) and Flip Pro – Samsung Why: who hasn’t heard about The Wall at this point? This Samsung-created display has led to rounds in the audiovisual community ever since its introduction. InfoComm 2022 digital signage section has seen the South Korean technological behemoth presenting a new generation…

  • how to transform your restaurant with digital signage
    How to

    How to Transform Your Restaurant With Digital Signage: Essentials

    The question of how to transform your restaurant with digital signage is a burning one. It’s something that the owners ask themselves every day when contemplating introducing this technology at their venue. And it’s not only served to those who just start. Many restaurants already have some kind of digital signage in place and would like to take it further and achieve more. This article will help. 

  • multiscreen digital signage
    How to

    Multiscreen Digital Signage: How to Organize it Without Freaking Out

    This article is all about multiscreen digital signage tips. What it is, how to organize it properly, how to distribute content, and how to keep sanity along the way. While many businesses need that kind of digital signage, few really master it. That’s why it’s important to have a clear vision of how things work in that domain. 

  • Our 10 Favourite Digital Signage Campaigns in Sports in 2018 - Kitcast Blog
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    Our 10 Favorite Arena Digital Signage Campaigns of 2022

    Arena digital signage can be absolutely spectacular. The stadiums are no strangers to giving visitors incredible audiovisual shows. With digital signage arena can obtain new colors and realize bolder, cooler ideas. Also, it can earn more money. Whether through the advertisement, or upselling, the arena digital signage is always a win.  We’ve collected the best arena digital signage campaigns of recent years that are sure to inspire. Also, they give an idea of how far the digital signage can take you creative-wise.