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    Our response to COVID-19

    To all our valued customers and partners across the globe, During the COVID-19 outbreak that struck the world, everyone has a role to play. Although digital signage won’t stop the pandemic, it absolutely can raise public awareness. Communicating Coronavirus safety information is the most powerful tool we have. We want to share it with you as the safety of our customers and employees has always been our top priority.

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    Tips Of The Week

    Healthcare as a Growth Area for Digital Signage

    Healthcare digital signage is a great way to make hospitals better. Not only it brings more engagement, better alert distribution and increased potential sales, it is also a flexible tool to keep up with technology during these hard times for the industry.  COVID-19 pandemic has put a tremendous strain on hospitals worldwide. With a daily influx of new patients, the unpredictability of the disease, high vitality and old infrastructure, many have fallen to the permanent crisis. And with the new variants coming and the vaccine hesitancy still a big problem, hospitals have to be prepared for the tough times. Why digital signage solutions for healthcare? It’s not that healthcare digital…

  • digital menu board

    TOP 8 Ideas for a Digital Menu Board

    Digital menu boards have become a golden standard among forward-looking restaurants. They provide great flexibility and state-of-art visual presentation. In this article, we’ll share best practices for using digital menu boards. Let’s go. 

  • nightclub digital signage

    5 Ways Nightclubs Can Use Digital Signage

    Nightclub digital signage can boost the attractiveness of your venue, bring more engagement with visitors, and most importantly help you sell more to more people. We will show you the exciting world of the screens so belt up and enjoy the ride.