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  • hospitality digital signage
    Tips Of The Week

    Top Hospitality Digital Signage Ideas in 2023

    2023 is a great year for hospitality digital signage. The possibilities for improving the customer experience are endless, the tools are as accessible as ever, and the costs of deployment are manageable. Considering that digital signage for hospitality is one of the best ways to boost sales, it’s not a bad mix.  Digital displays are among the solutions that bring transformative change. But in order to do that you should have a clear understanding of how to get there. Use our article as a guiding light. Today we’d like to talk about the hottest hospitality digital signage trends in 2023 that you can implement.

  • digital signage in office
    Tips Of The Week

    Best Office Digital Signage Ideas in 2023

    Digital signage in office is not something surprising in 2023. In fact, it has become a new normal, a golden rule for companies that want to fully embrace the new digital era. The modern workplace is all about the comfort of the employees, the efficient integration of remote teams, impeccable office communication, and adequate information dissemination.

  • hospital wayfinding signage
    Tips Of The Week

    How To Improve Hospital Wayfinding With Screens

    Accessible and easy wayfinding is extremely important for any kind of facility. When it comes to the healthcare industry, it’s even more essential. Hospital wayfinding signage is there to reduce the anxiety of the medical visit, to make the experience better, and to ensure patient safety.

  • best hospital ads

    8 Best Hospital Ads

    Hospital advertising treats one of the most complex subjects that exist: human health. While it always pays off to be creative in hospital ads, there should be some tact and understanding too. Best hospital ads have a class in them, they work on an emotional level, raise a certain awareness, have flawless storytelling, and don’t forget about putting the emphasis on well-being. Healthcare is a tricky subject and it requires a nuanced approach. That’s why it’s always great to see hospital ads that strike the balance of being a perfect branding vehicle and not overdoing the promotion of services. Here are the best hospital ads of 2023 and 2022 that…

  • Best Car Ads of 2022

    7 Best Car Ads of 2023 (+ 7 more)

    These are the best car ads 2023. We’ve carefully watched and reviewed all the cool marketing campaigns the automotive industry produced recently and have a verdict. Car ads were as bombastic as ever this year. Budgets are always through the roof, celebrities are always present, and the stories are always cool. Let’s take a look at the top car advertisements in 2023 and get inspired a bit.

  • digital signage for corporate communication
    Tips Of The Week

    How Digital Signage Improves Corporate Communication Strategy

    Digital signage for corporate communication is an ultimate game-changer. Not only does it elevate the overall level of interaction, but it also makes sure that your business or organization is one step forward when it comes to the future. All you need to do is deploy screens. Or there’s something more to it? Let’s take a look at digital signage corporate communication and get a better understanding of this tool. We will give you examples, guide you through the installation process, and share tips.

  • best real estate instagram accounts 2023

    8 Best Real Estate Instagram Accounts 2023

    With this article, you’ll discover the best real estate Instagram accounts at the moment. We believe that the real estate industry under uses the powers of social media. And it’s a sin as the domain is very visual and has a big content potential. Sure, the listings differ. Not everything is an ocean-facing penthouse in Miami. But with an understanding of the audience and a commitment to producing only top-notch content, real estate agencies can do magic on Instagram.

  • boliviainteligente LYniYVLxCNs unsplash Everything You Need To Know About Digital Wall Displays - 1
    Tips Of The Week

    Everything You Need To Know About Digital Wall Displays

    Digital wall displays (also, known as video walls) are a big thing in the world of AV. This is a natural extension of the capabilities of digital signage that is on a mission to provide a more impressive, more functional look. Digital wall displays for businesses are a perfect idea to step to the next level of technology and bring meatier content possibilities to the table.

  • super bowl ads 2023

    Best Super Bowl Ads 2023: Our Definitive Rating

    We would like to rate the best Super Bowl ads 2023. Yes, we loved the game, Rihanna, and all the buzz. But it’s the 2023 Super Bowl ads that knocked us off. They were amazing and there was so much to unfold. And there are quite a number of commercials this year.

  • marten bjork n IKQDCyrG0 unsplash 11 Fantastic Hotel Advertisements that will Amaze You (+ 22 more) - 2

    11 Fantastic Hotel Advertisements that will Amaze You (+ 22 more)

    It’s always great to go through cool hotel advertisement examples. When you’re in such an ad-friendly sector as travel, there can be unlimited ways to apply creativity. The best hotel advertisements make a great use of their location, expertly inspire potential travelers, and come with mind-blowing visuals.