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15 Instagram Accounts to Follow if You Own a Cafe - Kitcast Blog

15 Instagram Accounts to Follow if You Own a Cafe

These 15 best cafe Instagram accounts can inspire and give you ideas on how to manage yours. It’s always refreshing to look at the social media channels that do their marketing right. That’s why we’ve decided to gather the best of the best for this article. You will find much awesome coffee shop Instagram ideas here and a myriad of different content types. So let’s get right to it. 

1. Variety Coffee Roasters

Why: the diversity of content, the reflection of a feeling of a neighborhood, the highlight of the employees, NYC-based Variety Coffee Roasters is just a great coffee shop with an equally good Instagram account. And one great lesson they can teach is that use the animals of your visitors in your marketing. Dogs look great on Instagram. 

2. Devoción Coffee

Why: aesthetics is everything when it comes to best cafe Instagram accounts. Inglewood-located Devoción takes this fact into account and delivers. Their visuals are always on point and that’s a good teaching point for all the cafes that would like to have good Instagrams. Also, we loved how they talk about the producers, that’s also important when you serve coffee.

3. FELIX Roasting Co.

Why: when you have a stunning interior it’s a sin not to talk about it on Instagram. We live in the 21st century after all, where people not only go to the coffee shop to drink a cup of a caffeinated drink but to, well, take pictures for their Insta. That’s why the better you present your interior on your social media the better for your business. You can learn how to do it properly at the FELIX Roasting Co. account. 

4. Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Why: this coffee chain’s Instagram is in a league of its own. With art pieces, awesome imagery, extensive use of videos, and a crazy sense of aesthetics, it’s one of the best cafe Instagram accounts we’ve seen. And it has 279K followers for a reason, their content is always on point. 

5. Grace Street Cafe

Why: foodporn at its finest, this cozy New York Korean cafe uses Instagram to lure the coffee and desserts lovers through superb photos of what they’re selling. And what they’re selling is highly visual and calls for photos and videos. That’s exactly what you should do if you’re selling the same things at your coffee shop.

6. Bourke Street Bakery

Why: when the first thing you think to yourself when seeing the Instagram account is “Yummy!” then the owners are doing a good job. This is the case with this Australian chain’s NYC page. They mostly show food and it works. When it works you should keep doing it looking for cooler and more creative content ways. This profile does it with a bang. 

7. Menotti’s Coffee Stop

Why: if you are just starting your cafe Instagram take Menotti’s page and learn how it’s done. One of the coolest coffee shops in LA, it doesn’t hold back when it comes to fantastic content choices and impeccable Instagram aesthetics. 

8. Civil Coffee

Why: colors matter when it comes to Instagram and Civil Coffee shows how to master the color scheme throughout your feed. Also, keep an eye on their Stories: always fun, always highlighting the clients, and always active. Precisely how it should be. 

9. Alfred

Why: just look at their crazy engagement numbers. This is the best indicator of a great Instagram. Their visuals are next level, Malibu location helps, and object photography is absolutely gorgeous. But most importantly, their profile shows that these people care about what they’re putting out there. And this is the main thing to get the love of people. 

10. endorffeine coffee bar

Why: the Instagram profile of cafes and coffee shops often look alike. Not in the case of endorffeine. They have their own approach and it’s beautiful. We’re always for creativity and here you have great use of the social network that is more on the informational, textual, and meme-based side. And it works if it’s done properly. So don’t be afraid to experiment with formats. 

11. Bloom & Plume Coffee

Why: just look at these bombastic visuals! The Instagram of Bloom & Plume is like some kind of a bombastic colorful gallery and we’re fans. Utilizing high-quality photography is always a fantastic idea. So do that too!


Why: Instagram should be eye candy. Kumquat’s feed and Stories are that. Minimalist, close-up-friendly, stylish eye candy. A perfect formula for any cafe account. That’s why it’s among the best coffee shop Instagrams. 


Why: reflecting the sense of community and combining it with magnificent photos of coffee and the coffee-making process, Maru does a great job. Take notice and adapt this approach to your place. You can see here that no bad content idea makes it to the feed and that’s a nice strategy. 

14. Boot Cafe

Why: sometimes repetition of content works. But only if the thing you’re showing multiple times has a visual potential. Boot Cafe has a highly photogenic facade and that’s exactly what they are showing again and again. And it works. Because it’s Paris, because it’s cute, because it’s Intagrammable. Although you may not be in the City of Lights, it’s a great content lesson to learn. 

15. Holybelly

Why: people, food, coffee, and great times. Isn’t it what the majority of us are looking for in a cafe experience? Holybelly shows it through their Instagram and it’s a great content approach. 

Our Previous List of 15 Best Cafe Instagram Accounts

Fancy food and coffee obsession is going strong these days. Marketers who hop on this trend will nail the art of Instagram marketing and might take their venues to the next level. Needless to say, engaging content is essential for businesses that desire to attract more customers and build social trust. That said, it’s crucial for cafes and coffee shops to focus their social media marketing strategy on visual content – if performed correctly, it can result in a tidal wave of new customers and viral promotion.

It is easier to create a great Instagram strategy when you’re inspired by other awesome examples. That’s why we’ve created a list of 15 best cafe Instagram accounts to follow.

Verve Coffee Roasters

Why we love it: this Californian cafe chain’s Instagram is the best example, how to ace this social network. Bright colors, all the right accents, great use of stories and different types of content make Verve a great account to follow and to be inspired by.

Go Get Em Tiger

Why we love it: first of all, let’s make it clear, a coffee shop named Go Get Em Tiger just can’t be bad. Furthermore, this specialty coffee mecca has a brilliantly designed Instagram account that radiates charm, awesomeness and creative ideas.

Intelligentsia Coffee

Why we love it: they nail the minimalistic approach to Instagram feed. Intelligentsia Coffee makes engaging stories, offering a creative touch when it comes to news sharing: they craft custom thumbnails for the Story Highlights and keep the content in a similar color scheme.

Nossa Familia Coffee

Why we love it: one of Portland’s finest coffee shops, Nossa Familia are great at telling engaging stories and producing beautiful pictures. Also, the way they showcase their bean suppliers is a great lesson in humility and serves as an inspiration for others.

Craftsman and Wolves

Why we love it: the Instagram account of this award-winning San Francisco-based bakery is all about showing you how their delicious produce is done as well as stimulating your taste sensors to try their fantastic pastry. Also, CAW has mastered the framing art by combining different framing ideas for their feed.

Andytown Coffee Roasters

Why we love it: this small coffee shop from San Francisco won our hearts with simple and beautiful content highlighting employees, suppliers, dogs, and products, as well as telling the news. All in right doses, delivering the right vibes and making you want to come back for another drink and the atmosphere.

The Mill

Why we love it: another contender from the Fog City, The Mill has a delightful design and Instagram feed. We especially loved the fact that this cafe organizes art exhibitions on regular basis and cleverly uses Instagram to showcase that.

Birch Coffee

Why we love it: this spectacular account makes you fall in love with the company, the drinks that they make, the people that work there and the approach they have for their content creation. Also, just when you think it can’t get any better, you notice that the feed color changes depending on the season.

The Elk

Why we love it: The Elk get the most of their location and smartly uses the beauty of New York for Instagram not forgetting to craft great content about why you should come to their coffee shop in the first place.

Blue Bottle Coffee

Why we love it: if you’re looking for a state-of-art Instagram, here it is. Blue Bottle’s team has created a visually stunning feed filled with taste, great vibes and lots of inspiration.  

Celsius Coffee Co.

Why we love it: this Sydney spot utilizes every bit of its fantastic harbor view and combines it with mouthwatering photos of their food and drink proposition.


Why we love it: with an awesome pink color that in one way or another is present on all the posts, this stylish London venue definitely knows how a good Instagram looks like. Be sure to follow their stories to see how interactive and engaging it can be for a cafe.

Allpress Espresso

Why we love it: everything seems perfect about this New Zealand coffee shop chain’s Instagram. They continuously use similar filters creating a seamless visual experience and produce high-quality imagery that coins their high status among the world’s cafes and gives lots of inspiration.

Fringe Coffee

Why we love it: who would refuse to have a cup of coffee in Paris? Fringe’s Instagram makes you want this badly. Furthermore, their Instagram is a fantastic coffee-filled and avocado toast-driven source of inspiration. The repetitive approach works for the photos perfectly, as each time the cafe showcases different kinds of food and drinks.


Why we love it: Slow Mov is a Barcelona-based cafe that brings high-quality specialty coffee to the thirsty locals and tourists alike. What makes Slow Mov so remarkable – they regularly support local initiatives, organize various coffee-themed events and workshops, building a strong community presence. And of course, they nail Instagram marketing by using the platform to promote all of the aforementioned.

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