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The Upcoming Digital Signage Trends and Insights of 2019. Industries Overview - Kitcast Blog

Digital Signage Trends and Insights of 2019. Industries Overview

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2018 was a game-changing year for digital signage. With a wider than ever range of implementations throughout industries (from banking to sanctuaries), digital signage solutions helped companies and institutions reinvent the way they communicate with their audience. Next year is going to bring more innovations and possibilities for companies who opt for digital signage software. We’ve covered the most interesting 2019 digital signage trends in the major industries.
Digital Signage in Education Industry - Kitcast Blog


Augmented Reality

2018 has already shown some impressive developments in augmented and virtual reality with application in everything from entertainment to space. Next year will see even more and deeper implementations of these technologies. Education is historically one of those industries that require innovation and technological advancement. AR and VR can improve students’ experience significantly: history, travel, even STEM programs. With products like Google Expeditions, classrooms are becoming more attainable. Implementing digital signage as a part of an AR network can become an effective solution, providing students with video walls and interactive screens.

Personalized Learning

Education and socialization are extremely important when it comes to students with special needs. It’s the inclusion that allows children with disabilities to have a full educational experience. It’s the personal approach to learning that continues to drive the industry. From learning disabilities like dyslexia to physical disabilities – developments in technology allows ab equal learning experience for all students. However ironic it may sound, a personal approach eliminates the borders between the students and creates a wholesome learning environment. Nearly 15 percent of the US population suffers from dyslexia. Digital signage solutions that combine audio and visual treatments can be crucial for children who require a special approach to learning. 2019 will definitely become the game-changing year for personalization in learning and digital signage software will play a huge role in it.


Experience vs. products

Shopping is constantly evolving. And it’s not only about the new products that enter the market, but also about the way customers buy and what they want to receive in the process. As the millennials enter the scene, they move away from buying products because they need this exact product at this exact time for this exact purpose. They tend to lurk between the shelves for the experience. That being said, retail chains remodel their brick-and-mortar stores to fit the new concept and implement new digital solutions that increase customer engagement. These solutions are usually not aimed at pushing a customer towards making a purchase, but rather creating an environment within a store that makes the customer spend more time in it. 

As the trend gets stronger and develops in 2019, retail chains will search for new methods of engagement and digital signage software can become a vital solution. From interactive media screens to social media-driven digital signage content – retailers can get the most out of their interactions with customers using digital signage.

Investment in brick-and-mortar stores

Obviously, online shopping is the key channel for any retailer, from small local craftsmen to giants like Alibaba. However, although it is steadily growing, e-commerce represents less than 15 percent of global commerce. 2018 saw a rise of interest in the physical stores by retailers, they’ve finally figured out how to use their real estate to increase profit margins, customer attention, and acquisition. Reinventing the offline store space will become one of the major strategies for retailers in 2019.

Digital signage is a versatile tool that can help create a sustainable interaction with customers on different levels. For example, 63% of consumers are interested in personalized recommendations and that the majority of them are willing to share their data in exchange for benefits such as automatic credits for coupons and loyalty points (64% of those surveyed), access to exclusive deals (60%), the ability to gain points and rewards (56%) or special offers for items that interest them (53%). With enough data collected and processed, your digital signage screens can offer your customers truly engaging and personalized assistance in choosing the right products.

Digital Signage in Spa and Salon Industry - Kitcast Blog

Spa & Salon

Industry boom and deeper customer engagement

There are now more spas in the U.S. than at any time in history: an estimated 21,770 spa establishments, overtaking the previous record (21,300) registered just before the financial crisis in 2008. With such a boost in growth, it’s no wonder the market players feel the need to expand and acquire new customers and integrate deeper into the city infrastructure. According to the 2018 survey by ISPA, 43% of spas plan new community partnerships in 2019, with 41% saying they will be introducing new promotions targeting the male audience and 18% of spas indicating an intention to introduce new spa branding. Digital signage software for a spa is essential when it comes to building a digitalized customer experience and improving the brand.


Social media as the key

With the developments in social media and the digitalization of society, it becomes more and more vital for church institutions to adjust to the new believers and the overall pace. Social media is an important channel to promote in-person services and events, not only online, but with the help of digital signage software for churches. Screens that integrate social media feeds can increase the engagement with a younger audience, enhancing their experience. As 2019 will probably see the continuation of the trend declining church attendance, and an increase in attention to the church on social networks, digital signage is likely to create the required connection between online and offline activities.


Product placement and brand discovery

With 27 percent of people discovering brands via product placements in TV shows or movies, it’s no wonder that entertainment venues look to engage their audience with visual content. Creating visual content that entertains the customer and provides an effective medium for the brand is easy with digital signage software. Entertainment has a crucial role to play in 2019 when it comes to the discovery of new brands and products.

The move to 5G wireless networks

This move already affects telecom operators, but 2019 will also see the change in the customer experience that faster broadband will bring. T-Mobile’s recent acquisition of broadband video startup Layer3, for example, will enable it to launch an internet-delivered television service across the U.S., powered by 5G. This will open a window for new possibilities for customer engagement through a new type of content. Your digital signage network will become a much more powerful tool, especially if you rely on video content in communication with your clients.

The growth of targeted advertising

Data analytics and personalization are synergetic tools for marketers and this trend will continue in 2019. Media and entertainment companies are already augmenting customer information with social media. But as the trend expands, it will likely to hit the entertainment venues soon – for example, Kitcast digital signage software allows you to create any type of content that attracts your target audience. Integrating the customer data analysis into your visual marketing will become essential in 2019.

Autonomous vehicles

Autonomous vehicles transform infrastructure in many ways, one of them – media. AV are powerful media-delivery devices when it comes to cost-efficiency and innovation. From info on viewing windows to screens on the seats – the possibilities to engage with passengers are limitless.

Digital Signage in Hospitals - Kitcast Blog


Digital health tech out of hospital

2019 will see the rise of digital healthcare for individuals, going beyond the traditional systems. The increasing cost of health support and the aging population will likely become drivers for healthcare digital signage solutions and applications. Powered by hospital professionals and advancements in technology, digital health applications (mainly out of hospital) will continue to expand beyond physical medicine and will integrate digital wellness therapies, dentistry, nutrition, and prescription management.

Real Estate

Focus on Millenials

According to Danielle Hale, chief economist for Realtor.com, “Millennials will continue to make up the largest segment of buyers next year, accounting for 45% of mortgages, compared to 17% of Boomers, and 37% of Gen Xers. While first-time buyers will struggle next year, older millennial move-up buyers will have more options in the mid-to upper-tier price point and will make up the majority of millennials who close in 2019.” Millennials are more demanding when it comes to digital solutions, yet they are also more rewarding if you adjust your digital signage content with precise targeting. From visually appealing screens at the sites to 3d showcasing – watch our list of the real estate ads we loved to get inspired.

Digital Signage in Banking - Kitcast Blog



The use of chatbots is becoming more of a necessity to improve customer care and marketing than mere hype. This trend will definitely continue in 2019, as chatbots will integrate into the digital signage software and reinvent the interactive screens in a bank: replacing human customer service representatives who manage predictable inquiries, routine tasks or frequently asked questions.

Influencer Marketing

The integration of influencers (marketers, financial advisors) as part of a bank’s marketing plan can have a positive impact on cross-selling and customer loyalty improvement. Building social trust with influencers featured in your digital signage content should be on your agenda in 2019. From journalists and social media evaluators to financial advisors of all kinds – don’t hesitate to collaborate with them.

Digital Signage in Restaurants - Kitcast Blog


Sharing the same values as your customer

Finally, more and more people are starting to care about the environment and opt for eco-friendly solutions. The food industry is at the forefront of this trend, reinventing menus and approaches. From vegan restaurants to eco-conscious caterings – venues start to realize that customers feel more loyalty toward those brands whose values align with theirs. You can adopt a concept that resonates with you and your target audience the best: donating a portion of your proceeds to a pet shelter or supporting clean energy initiatives.

2019 will see deeper integration of restaurant businesses into their customers’ lives and habits. Digital signage software, with its engaging capabilities, can help you visualize your concepts and visually appeal to clients. Additionally, digital signage is a more environmentally-friendly solution than the outdated paper-based promos.

Digital Signage in Corporate Communication - Kitcast Blog

Corporate Communications

AI-Powered Network

Although “AI-powered” has already become a buzzword, we’re just at the dawn of this industry. Soon, it will dominate any digital aspect of our lives. From consumer electronics to global corporate networks. For companies that rely on innovative solutions for communication with their employees and building an effective working experience, digital signage is a versatile tool. However, integrating machine learning technologies into your digital signage can skyrocket the efficiency of corporate communication. From an autonomous network to personalized screen communication – 2019 will be huge for applications of AI.

The rise of video communications

Video content is dominant everywhere. And if you look at the stats, you’ll understand why – video content on digital displays capture more views than static signage. Conveying your message is much easier with video solutions, and that’s why the implementation of video content into your digital signage for corporate communication will be essential for any company in 2019. Our advice would be to choose your digital signage software provider using these factors: easy integration, easy mass deployment and easy management. Kitcast offers even more – dev support from system engineers and developers. Create a sustainable corporate communication network with digital signage and up your game in 2019. Read our article on how digital signage helps to shape the infrastructure of cities and paves the way for the digital future.

2018 was nothing short of interesting twists in the digital signage industry and spectacular projects. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights that made 2018 so memorable. Read our article Digital Signage 2018: A Year in Review.