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  • christian lambert diYY2TMBY5g unsplash min 1 Resort digital signage: ready for the summer - 2

    Resort digital signage: ready for the summer

    Resort digital signage is an extension of the hotel signage that is tailored specifically to the needs of this branch of the hospitality industry. This technology allows hotels to upgrade their marketing and introduce a cooler, more powerful feature that delivers. Let’s see how exactly the screens can help resorts shine and what practical tips there are.

  • Digital Out-of-Home Advertising Trends 2022

    Digital Out-of-Home Advertising Trends 2022

    2020 and 2021 have changed the ways people interact with businesses. This also touched the digital signage space. As the world recovers from the negative effects of the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve made this article about the digital out-of-home advertising trends in 2022 for you to better orient yourself in the place the industry finds itself in. 

  • arthur mazi vFhsyAMbHkE unsplash How Digital Signage Helps Selling NFT Digital Art - 3

    How Digital Signage Helps Selling NFT Digital Art

    NFT digital art is the hottest topic in both the world of finance and the internet. Some think it’s the next step for the whole cryptocurrency paradigm, others warn of a bubble. The truth is, NFTs are here to stay for some time and companies that are planning to sell them may want to look at digital signage as a tool that will make it happen with much bigger efficiency. So let’s see how it works exactly. 

  • digital menu board

    TOP 8 Ideas for a Digital Menu Board

    Digital menu boards have become a golden standard among forward-looking restaurants. They provide great flexibility and state-of-art visual presentation. In this article, we’ll share best practices for using digital menu boards. Let’s go.