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Tips Of The Week: Timing Is King - Kitcast Blog

Tips Of The Week: Timing Is King

Studies show that the average digital signage network attention time span is around 4.6 seconds. Any entrepreneur should consider this data while working on his digital signage system.

We believe that timing is one of the pillars holding the successful signage marketing. There are lots of things you can do to improve this situation and hail the ‘timing king.’ We prepared a complete guide on the digital signage network timing. Grab these ideas and try them out in your business; pretty soon you’ll see the results.

Learn the average dwell time of your customer

Before you start applying tricks and techniques improving your signage timing, you’ve got to make a good enough research. This is going to be fundamental for your digital signage advertising network success.

Since timing is the king, you’ve got to know how your clients interact with your signage and how much time they actually spend by the displays. Also, make sure you understand whether they have enough time to read the content you stream on the screens while walking by them.

It’s feasible enough: create a focus group, run your regular content on the screens and evaluate test-interactions with them.

Research the number of visitors passing by your signage

This type of data can be only determined in real-time in your store, restaurant or wherever you use the digital signage.

photo 1476711656344 4ffe053f6b2f Tips Of The Week: Timing Is King - 1

Review how many clients actually pass by your displays while your digital signage software network shows your content. This time it doesn’t actually matter how they interact with the displays. This is where you’ve got to learn the size of your target audience and scale your marketing efforts accordingly.

Follow the global content engagement standards

There is a particular rule of thumb that we believe everyone should follow. These are the general guidelines that the consumer-oriented world dictates.

No matter the average time spent by your screens, your content engagement should be maximized by default. You should always keep in mind that your content must catch the attention and keep the user intrigued or offer him to do something.

It’s something you’ve got to remember at the content development stage. Simply making sure the content is engaging and eye-catching is one of your first steps towards a profitable digital signage advertising network.

Call your viewers to action and hook with captive content

When we talk about engagement, we’ve got to remember that one of the essential things will always be the ‘call to action’ element.

photo 1523309375637 b3f4f2347f2d Tips Of The Week: Timing Is King - 2

This is a fundamental marketing element that ensures that your content will actually convert into a purchase or any other requested interaction with your business.

People tend to forget that delivering valuable information is not good enough; you should also give the viewer a hint where and how he can do what you want him to. Unfortunately, some people end up streaming useful information or just huge chunks of text on the screens making the whole idea of digital signage useless.

Optimize the existing content

Now when you’ve done a research and know how to improve the digital signage network content conversion rate, it’s time to work on your content.

It’s not always necessary to start over and prepare utterly new content. You can save costs by simply re-working the existing videos, pictures, and texts considering the hints we’ve given you in the previous sections.

While working on the content optimization, you’ve got to:

  1. Make it shorter and clearer
  2. Make it eye-catching
  3. Prepare the call-to-action elements
  4. Scale it according to your dwell time research

Then you’ll enter an entirely new level of signage marketing.

Run A/B tests and make adjustments

Let’s say you’ve worked on your existing content and created a new one. Now it’s time to run some tests and determine the best formats and timing.

Run AB tests and make adjustments Tips Of The Week: Timing Is King - 3

A/B testing is the most popular way to determine the best strategy in marketing. You can run a few different marketing campaigns with the same goal and a few different approaches. In the end, you’ll be able to evaluate the results and see whether your users prefer video content to promo texts, for example.

After that, you’ll be able to make all the necessary adjustments and boost your sales or service interactions.

Invest in video content and good copywriting

As we’ve mentioned in the previous paragraph, there are a few types of content that you can run in digital signage network software: videos, pictures, texts or even social media integration feeds.

We believe that different brands may benefit from different content formats. However, statistics show that videos are usually engaging the audience better.

When it comes to texts, you should remember that less is always better. But you should make sure you don’t lose the idea of your promotion by shortening it. Keep it simple and right on point.

Always put yourself in your customer’s shoes

Customers are regular people just like you. This means that while making all the research activities, you can also try all of your ideas on yourself.

Always put yourself in your customer’s shoes Tips Of The Week: Timing Is King - 4

Wearing your customer’s hat will be a great way to see for yourself how your digital signage advertising network works and whether the timing you tuned in is right.

Enter your store, restaurant or just a retail space and try to locate the displays as a customer would do. How much time did you spend on that? Did you catch the idea of the promotion message? What did you find it annoying or misleading? You got the point.

Run all of these questions by your marketing team and make adjustments accordingly.


Digital signage network is one of the most rewarding marketing tools. However, you should approach it smartly and improve your signage timing to get better results. Remember that you have less than 5 seconds to reach your potential customer’s attention. Do you think your signage is capable of doing that?

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