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10 Powerful Ideas For Mall Digital Signage - Kitcast Blog

10 Powerful Ideas For Mall Digital Signage

Advertising in malls and shopping centers is a billion-dollar industry that supports brands worldwide for the last decades. While the old-fashioned video ads along with pictures are still doing good, the viral and creative marketing campaigns and mall advertising ideas are delivering way better results.

Delivering that desired creative marketing campaign and making it go viral is way harder with the old-school ads rather than through shopping mall digital signage.

We’ve compiled a list of powerful shopping mall digital signage marketing ideas that can impact your brand-awareness and genuinely up your advertising game.

1. Build a ‘social media wall’

Social media walls create a sense of being a part of the brand team and a part of the small or large community. It helps people feel, and it’s great if you want to build that so-called bond between you and your customers.

Modern digital signage shopping mall software allows you to connect any social media platform to display the latest posts with the related hashtag or from selected accounts. You can also control this whole process manually.

Post news, updates, or posts by pre-defined topics that will be interesting for your viewers.

2. Install a photo sharing booth

A great way to offer your clients to get on their photo on the screen where every visitor will be able to see them in the dynamic photo feed.

People will tweet or post photos on Instagram and mark it with the branded hashtag, share it, and get on the wall. This is a win-win for all.

3. Run competitive games

Do you remember the famous McDonald’s ping-pong game on the huge billboard? People could play ping pong with each other on the giant screen located on the building. They just used their phones and native McDonald’s app to participate.

Shopping mall digital signage - Run competitive games

This was not only entertaining but also super creative. This campaign went viral in hours and is still remembered 8 years later. Maybe it won’t go viral, but at least it will always be entertaining for your visitors.

4. Implement interactive quests with the shopping mall digital signage

Ever wondered how you can stand out from the crowd of screaming ad boards? We always talk about making it more interactive. Have you considered the gamification process?

Create a small quest to engage your ad viewers and reward them with some sort of discount or coupon. Running a quest game on a few displays across the mall can also serve as a step-by-step guide directing your potential client right to your store or booth.

5. Combine the wayfinding with discount hunting

Another example of gamification can be the wayfinding using shopping mall digital signage. A regular guiding map can have some hidden hints leading to getting a tasty discount for your product.

There are many shopping centers that are just big. Then there are some that are straight gigantic. For an average customer, it means stress getting from A to B. Digital signage wayfinding is a way to make these woes go away by introducing a clear and intuitive system of directions. This way you’re ensuring that the customer is happy and satisfied with visiting your venue.

And one of the most interesting mall advertising ideas is combining wayfinding with commercial deals.

6. Run a quiz with the shopping mall digital signage

People of all ages love participating in quizzes. An average shopping mall digital signage software includes these functionalities and allows you to create quizzes of different complexity.

7. Seduce your visitors with the cafeteria dishes & menu

Use your displays to guide your mall visitors to the cafeteria. Seducing them with the tastiest pictures and videos will work great.

mall advertising ideas - Seduce your visitors with the cafeteria dishes & menu

Digital signage for shopping malls allows you to rotate an infinite number of pics and videos in your dynamic feed of content. You can show numerous delicious dishes and a video of how your chief cooks them. This will boost the number of visitors in your mall cafeteria.

Digital menu boards are the new hottest trends that are among the best mall advertising ideas out there. Why? Because static menus should be left in the 80s. New millennia gives businesses a much better way to engage with customers and the name is digital signage.

With interactive menu boards, you’re getting the power to interact with your audience more effectively. What does it mean in monetary dimensions? That’s right, that you’re getting more sales and your business grows faster.

8. Implement a booking desk

And what about other mall advertising ideas? Did you know that the mall landlords can benefit from digital signage as well? You can be the first mall to implement the fastest renting experience for those looking to rent a retail mall space.

A few shopping mall digital signage displays can power the whole booking system for your mall properties.

9. Showcase the press reviews of the mall

Keep the new mall visitors informed about how good this particular shopping center is can be quite easy with signage. You can delivery the latest press features in a few clicks through the shopping mall digital signage network software.

10. The last of our mall advertising ideas is Live sale streaming

Malls have dozens of shops and huge sales happen there from time to time. It would be a fantastic way to create a buzz and hype around this event.

You can display the countdown to the next sale or run competitions to win additional discounts. Signage software is truly a game changer.

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