Want to build a coherent marketing strategy for your retail chain? Understand what your customers really need? Set up your advertising correctly? No worries, we’ve got you covered with everything: from practical design solutions to digital marketing in retail signage.

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    5 Restaurant Marketing Campaigns to Get Inspired by

    Every restaurant launches marketing campaigns at some point. Tight competition forces them to go beyond trivial advertising tools, and that’s where restaurants can get really high on creativity and inspire others along the way. We’ve browsed through numerous campaigns for the brilliant ones that should be studied in detail and used by marketers worldwide to get their restaurants noticed.

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    10 Sources To Follow If You Want to Stay Ahead In Digital Marketing

    As the world becomes even more digital, marketers strive to adopt. Digital marketing of today is a highly competitive industry that grows with a speed of light. The reign of social media, constant changes in search engine optimization, the perpetual need for high-quality content, all these things make digital marketing a challenge for the professionals worldwide. Only those who are better informed will lead their companies to success. Here is our roundup of 10 best sources to follow if you want to stay ahead in digital marketing.

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    7 Podcasts For Retail Entrepreneurs We Listen To

    In today’s rapidly changing entrepreneurial world, knowledge is the most important advantage for any retail entrepreneur who wants to be on top of the business game. Regardless of the retail type you’re running or wanting to launch, being well-informed is the key to success. That’s why the podcasts matter and good podcasts matter even more. We handpicked 7 essential podcasts for retail entrepreneurs that will help you to keep up with the pace of the industry.

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    How to Use Digital Signage Software in Retail Store?

    Despite a lightning-like development of delivery services, people will unlikely do without retail stores in the nearest future. Moreover, retailers are not interested in yielding positions and surrender to the onset of innovations. They choose the way of adaptation and co-existence. Thus, many retail shops make attempts to use state-of-the-art technologies for own benefit. The examples include a conveyor belt, video surveillance, usage of barcodes etc. It’s most likely that the trend will continue and technologies will be successfully implemented furtherly.