• “It’ a kind of an idea generator”: Intuiface’s Vincent Encontre on the Interactive Digital Signage - Kitcast Blog

    “It’s a kind of an idea generator”: Intuiface’s Vincent Encontre on the Interactive Digital Signage.

    One of the most important questions every customer who opts for digital signage asks himself – how accessible is this technology? During our podcast interview with Vincent Encontre (COO of Intuiface) at the DSSE earlier this month, we discussed the prospects and challenges for interactive screens. To address the demands of customers, we asked Vincent: can a regular retailer use interactive digital signage easily?

  • What About Interactive Digital Signage - Kitcast Blog

    Kitcast Podcast feat Intuiface – Episode 6 – What About Interactive Digital Signage?

    Earlier this month our team took part in Digital Signage Summit Europe in Munich and exhibited our software. It was a pleasure to share the experience with market leaders and industry professionals from around the world. DSSE was all about breathtaking speeches and networking. Could you find a better place to hunt for opinions and market insights? Exactly – that’s why we’ve recorded a set of interviews as a part of our podcast series “What about…”, exploring the cutting-edge technologies and digital signage software solutions. The first episode of our DSSE interviews focuses on the interactive digital signage and our guest is Vincent Encontre, COO at Intuiface.  What the traditional CMS…

  • Kitcast Podcast feat HYPERVSN - Episode 5 - What About 3D Holographic Signage? - Kitcast Blog

    Kitcast Podcast feat HYPERVSN – Episode 5 – What About 3D Holographic Signage?

    We’re glad to announce our new podcast series “What about…” dedicated to the cutting edge digital signage technologies, the most peculiar market trends and companies that are at the forefront of the industry. In the first episode called “What about 3D Holographic signage” we discussed the latest developments in this market with Christy Weeks – Senior Marketing Manager at Hypervsn.

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    5 Mistakes to Avoid When Installing Digital Signage in a Hospital

    The global digitalization is entering literally every niche today, and it would be so weird not to disrupt the healthcare and make it more interactive and convenient. Patients want to be guided through every step of their healthcare journey, but it doesn’t mean that you’ve got to hire dozens of receptionists and other employees. An ultimate solution for this would be the healthcare digital signage, and today, we’ll explain how to try it yourself and not make the most popular mistakes of applying the signage technology.

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    5 Great Examples Of Digital Signage In Movies

    Digital signage may sometimes seem rocket science for businesses that are new to the DOOH market. With too many overcomplicated software solutions out there, it’s easy to get lost. Why would I need digital signage? How to benefit from it? Before you find answers to these and many other questions in our blog, we’d like to give a tour in the world of DOOH as seen through the lens of a camera – movies. Digital billboards, 3D holographic displays – sci-fi movies have been creating (and sometimes, predicting) the mesmerizing digital signage solutions for decades. We’ve made a list of the most memorable ones.

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    5 Mistakes,  Kitcast Explains

    5 Mistakes in Upselling you Should Avoid

    It’s crucial to remember that upselling is one of the essential elements of any business dealing with retail orders. When your customers are in the process of check-out or have already decided what product they need, you’ve got a small window of opportunity to upsell something.