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    Our 10 Favourite Digital Signage Campaigns in Sports in 2018

    Digital signage in sports is always grand and fascinating. Just like the game itself. Ranging from gigantic scoreboards to multiple small screens around the stadium premises, digital signage can seriously boost up the attendance and drastically improve the visiting experience for the fans. It is a universal way to make the game more interesting using top-notch technology and the possibilities of modern displays.

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    Digital Signage 2018: A Year in Review

    Woo Hah! What a Year! 2018 was nothing short of interesting twists in the digital signage industry and spectacular projects. We’ve seen new trends like the digital signage for smart cities rise and new scandals break out. But what’s more important, 2018 was another great year for the booming industry: from interactive displays hitting the new high to 4K becoming more and more popular among the digital signage devotees. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights that made 2018 so memorable.

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    The Upcoming Digital Signage Trends and Insights of 2019. Industries Overview

    2018 was a game-changing year for digital signage. With a wider than ever range of implementations throughout industries (from banking to sanctuaries), digital signage solutions helped companies and institutions reinvent the way they communicate with their audience. Next year is going to bring more innovations and possibilities for companies who opt for digital signage software. We’ve covered the most interesting 2019 digital signage trends in the major industries.

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    Our Favourite Christmas Digital Signage Campaigns Of 2018

    The holiday season is a truly enchanting time. Also, it is a part of the year when marketers get especially creative and compete in giving the best advertising campaigns for their businesses. Digital signage has a special place among the tools marketers use to broadcast their great Christmas messages. This year we’ve seen many amazing applications of holiday digital signage. Some were exceptionally amazing.

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    7 Unusual Digital Signage Solutions to Consider for Your Hotel

    An ideal hotel should feel like home out of home. That’s why the comfort of the customer matters the most. The accommodations around the world compete in providing the best experience possible for their guests. Digital signage can play an essential part in this process. It has enough power to enhance the positive experience for the visitors, increase sales and facilitate the wayfinding. The screens can be a perfect medium to share valuable content, educate and entertain the clients.

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    What is Digital Signage?

    We live in an environment loaded with the information: from subway announcements and Facebook ads to visually overwhelming media of all kinds and in any part of our habitat. This environment is somewhat chaotic and barely gives people a chance to grasp the essential bits of information or to even find the right ones in the myriads of messages. For companies that rely heavily on visual communication with their target audience, finding a way to stand out in the informational noise becomes a vital issue. However similar to the other visual media sources, digital signage is one of the few tools that can help convey your brand’s messages and ideas…

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    Checklist: Creating Digital Signage for Spa & Salon

    The beauty industry is all about the visual perception. That’s why digital signage seems to be a perfect match for boosting your beauty business showing the right content at the right time. However, it takes much more than streaming your ads on the screen – you should set up a digital signage system that works both for the benefit of your beauty business and your customer. While at first glance creating a digital signage system may seem cumbersome, don’t worry, with this checklist you will be able to set it up in a hassle-free way and maximize your sales.

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    7 Great Digital Signage Projects In Colleges

    Technology is swiftly shaping education by giving more possibilities for effective learning. Digital signage is at the forefront of this process. It offers colleges numerous amazing solutions to improve the learning experience for students. Digital signage can bring a positive impact on campuses and resolve many learning issues. We have collected 7 great digital signage projects in colleges to get inspired by.

  • 5 effective video editing apps for your digital signage - Kitcast Explains
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    5 Effective Video Editing Apps for Your Digital Signage

    iMovie An extremely simple video editing app with an intuitive user interface. Just drag and drop for the effortless digital signage content creation. iMovie comes as a pre-installed video editing app for Mac users. It also has all of the basic features to edit videos on your iPhone or iPad: trim clips, add music, record audio, and add filters. iMovie supports 4K.

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    10 Creative Real Estate Ads We Loved in 2018

    Real estate has always been a market with great advertising opportunities – companies often get highly creative to win over hearts and wallets of the customers. As the end product is very visual, marketers have a set of unlimited possibilities to present their properties in the best way possible. 2018 has seen some of the coolest and most original campaigns in the real estate world, here are our 10 favorite real estate ads.