10 Creative Real Estate Ads We Loved in 2018 - Kitcast Blog

10 Creative Real Estate Ads We Loved in 2018

Real estate has always been a market with great advertising opportunities – companies often get highly creative to win over hearts and wallets of the customers. As the end product is very visual, marketers have a set of unlimited possibilities to present their properties in the best way possible. 2018 has seen some of the coolest and most original campaigns in the real estate world, here are our 10 favorite real estate ads. Read More

7 great ways to use digital signage in corporate communication - Kitcast Blog

7 Great Ways to Use Digital Signage in Corporate Communication

Technologies can have a tremendous effect on improving the quality of internal corporate communication, ensuring the wellbeing of the employees and boosting overall productivity. Corporate digital signage is a versatile tool for making the workplace better and achieving higher results. Screens can positively change the working environment and help resolve day-to-day issues in an easy and effortless manner. Read More

15 Instagram accounts to follow if you own a cafe - Kitcast Blog

15 Instagram Accounts to Follow if You Own a Cafe

Fancy food and coffee obsession is going strong these days. Marketers who hop on this trend will nail the art of Instagram marketing and might take their venues to the next level. Needless to say, engaging content is essential for businesses that desire to attract more customers and build social trust. That said, it’s crucial for cafes and coffee shops to focus their social media marketing strategy on visual content – if performed correctly, it can result in a tidal wave of new customers and viral promotion. Read More

Smart Cities: Shaping the Infrastructure with Digital Signage

In recent years, marketing agencies have overused the word “Smart” to the point that is has become a buzzword. Smart Tables, Smart Windows, Smart Everything. Now you can even find ridiculously named products like Smart Toothpicks. Yet, with new developments in urban design and tech, ‘Smart’ gradually becomes reality in a form of Smart Cities. We’re going to dive deeper into how digital signage can be a significant part of Smart Cities’ future… today.
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5 Restaurant Marketing Campaigns to Get Inspired by

Every restaurant launches marketing campaigns at some point. Tight competition forces them to go beyond trivial advertising tools, and that’s where restaurants can get really high on creativity and inspire others along the way. We’ve browsed through numerous campaigns for the brilliant ones that should be studied in detail and used by marketers worldwide to get their restaurants noticed.
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10 Sources To Follow If You Want to Stay Ahead In Digital Marketing

As the world becomes even more digital, marketers strive to adopt. Digital marketing of today is a highly competitive industry that grows with a speed of light. The reign of social media, constant changes in search engine optimization, the perpetual need for high-quality content, all these things make digital marketing a challenge for the professionals worldwide. Only those who are better informed will lead their companies to success.

Here is our roundup of 10 best sources to follow if you want to stay ahead in digital marketing.

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7 Podcasts For Retail Entrepreneurs We Listen To

In today’s rapidly changing entrepreneurial world, the knowledge is the most important advantage for any retail entrepreneur who wants to be on top of the business game. Regardless of the retail type you’re running or wanting to launch, being well-informed is the key to success. That’s why the podcasts matter and good podcasts matter even more.

We handpicked 7 essential podcasts for retail entrepreneurs that will help you to keep up with the pace of the industry.

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Introducing the “Collaboration” feature for Kitcast Digital Signage!

We’re happy to introduce the “Collaboration” feature!

Introducing the “Collaboration” feature for Kitcast Digital Signage - Kitcast Blog

Introducing the “Collaboration” feature for Kitcast Digital Signage

So, what are “Roles” and “Collaboration” about?

Anyone who has registered with Kitcast is now the “workspace owner,” or as we call it – an “Owner.”
As an Owner, you can invite people to collaborate on your locations. Depending on the role that you’ve set, people will have different permissions. Read More