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    How to Improve Your Bowling Club Marketing With Digital Signage

    Bowling culture has seen a drastic change in recent years. After a peak in the 1980s, it is yet to graps the same level of popularity. But, bowling proprietors try to evolve. From alleys to centers, which are multimedia type place, bowling venues now have been upgraded with stylish furniture, video rooms, strobe lights and music for all tastes. Obviously, bowling clubs now have to compete with other leisure venues and focus on millennials even more, as they slip through their fingers. That’s why the digital signage screens with awesome content shown on them play an important part in creating the right atmosphere of the place, amusement for the visitors.…

  • Digital Signage Magic: Simple Upselling for Complex Goals - Kitcast Blog
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    Digital Signage Magic: Simple Upselling for Complex Goals

    It takes a lot of effort to build effective marketing communication with your customer. It’s more than just supporting an offer/purchase method, but rather being on the same page and being connected with your customer’s needs. However, once you establish this bond, you might ask yourself – where can I go from there? How can I increase customer engagement? And finally – how can I get them to buy more?

  • 9 ways your bank can benefit from digital signage - Kitcast Blog
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    9 Ways Your Bank Can Benefit from Digital Signage

    With the rise of online banking, the brick-and-mortar branches have to adapt to the current digital demands. That doesn’t mean that the future doesn’t look bright for the physical embodiments of these financial institutions. Digital signage can be the tool that can revamp the overall experience of visiting a bank. Tech-savvy customers will be delighted to come to a branch that is implementing new technologies in its operations.

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    What You Can Learn From These Digital Signage Projects for Churches

    The house of worship is a community place. It gathers people and spreads a message. Digital signage for churches can enhance the message and make it more visible and clear. The screens can improve the overall church visiting experience. More and more houses of worship across the world turn to innovative digital solutions for improvement and better serving the congregations.

  • 7 Unusual digital signage solutions to consider for your hotel - Kitcast Blog
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    7 Unusual Digital Signage Solutions to Consider for Your Hotel

    An ideal hotel should feel like home out of home. That’s why the comfort of the customer matters the most. The accommodations around the world compete in providing the best experience possible for their guests. Digital signage can play an essential part in this process. It has enough power to enhance the positive experience for the visitors, increase sales and facilitate the wayfinding. The screens can be a perfect medium to share valuable content, educate and entertain the clients.

  • What is digital signage? - Kitcast Blog
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    What is Digital Signage?

    We live in an environment loaded with the information: from subway announcements and Facebook ads to visually overwhelming media of all kinds and in any part of our habitat. This environment is somewhat chaotic and barely gives people a chance to grasp the essential bits of information or to even find the right ones in the myriads of messages. For companies that rely heavily on visual communication with their target audience, finding a way to stand out in the informational noise becomes a vital issue. However similar to the other visual media sources, digital signage is one of the few tools that can help convey your brand’s messages and ideas…

  • Checklist: Creating Digital Signage for Spa & Salon - Kitcast Blog
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    Checklist: Creating Digital Signage for Spa & Salon

    The beauty industry is all about the visual perception. That’s why digital signage seems to be a perfect match for boosting your beauty business showing the right content at the right time. However, it takes much more than streaming your ads on the screen – you should set up a digital signage system that works both for the benefit of your beauty business and your customer. While at first glance creating a digital signage system may seem cumbersome, don’t worry, with this checklist you will be able to set it up in a hassle-free way and maximize your sales.

  • 5 effective video editing apps for your digital signage - Kitcast Explains
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    5 Effective Video Editing Apps for Your Digital Signage

    iMovie An extremely simple video editing app with an intuitive user interface. Just drag and drop for the effortless digital signage content creation. iMovie comes as a pre-installed video editing app for Mac users. It also has all of the basic features to edit videos on your iPhone or iPad: trim clips, add music, record audio, and add filters. iMovie supports 4K.

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    Smart Cities: Shaping the Infrastructure with Digital Signage

    In recent years, marketing agencies have overused the word “Smart” to the point that is has become a buzzword. Smart Tables, Smart Windows, Smart Everything. Now you can even find ridiculously named products like Smart Toothpicks. Yet, with new developments in urban design and tech, ‘Smart’ gradually becomes reality in a form of Smart Cities. We’re going to dive deeper into how digital signage can be a significant part of Smart Cities’ future… today.

  • Hospital Digital Signage As An Education Tool - Kitcast Blog
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    Hospital Digital Signage As An Education Tool

    A giant leap in the development of technological solutions has triggered a drastic change in how we transmit and consume information. The multimedia displays uncover the new possibilities of interacting with the audience providing more benefits for a rise of a customer’s awareness and an increase in a company’s performance. Thus, equipping the waiting rooms, lobbies or offices with the interactive digital signage can become not only an effective marketing tool but also a means to educate your audience.