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How to

We’ve got you covered with our How To series of articles. Here you can find everything: from practical design solutions to tips on how to set up digital signage. Every week we publish articles that bring you the real value. We want to educate, hint and promote the best digital signage practices, and we want you to enjoy every bit of it.

  • How To Add Value To Your Cars Using Digital Signage - Kitcast Blog
    Kitcast Explains,  Car dealership,  How to

    How To Add Value To Your Cars Using Digital Signage

    Back to you with the latest automotive industry guide on the digital signage solutions for cars. Here you’ll find our ideas on how car digital signage can help you grow your automotive business and why you should go for it. Bringing you the insights on the auto digital signage without the need for additional research — straight talk with practical advice.

  • Infographic: The Digital Signage Built - Kitcast Blog
    How to

    Infographic: The House Digital Signage Built

    Digital signage is one of the most versatile tools when it comes to marketing communication and audience engagement. “The House Digital Signage Built” infographic demonstrates how easily visual tech solutions can turn every floor a regular business center into a smart-hub: from retail stores to offices and cafes. This infographic will be interesting for the curious minds merely acquainted with digital signage as well as for professionals and market leaders.

  • 5 Technologies That Will Boost Your Retail Marketing - Kitcast Blog
    Kitcast Explains,  How to,  Retail

    5 Technologies That Will Boost Your Retail Marketing

    We reviewed the current retail marketing trends and decided to introduce you to the most efficient technologies that can bring the desired boost to your in-store marketing. When it comes to retail marketing, people tend to forget that technology can be their best friend. If you choose the right retail marketing strategies and support it with the latest market technologies, you’ll be able to deliver excellent results. Your business can be more efficient than you think, and we know how you can achieve that. 

  • 5 Ways to persuade a customer before the test drive - Kitcast Blog
    Car dealership,  How to,  Kitcast Explains

    5 Ways to Persuade a Customer Before the Test Drive

    When your customer takes the car for a test drive, consider your deal is at the finish line. It’s the ‘grand finale’ that your sales manager worked so hard for. But did you know how to persuade a customer and help your dealership managers to sell cars faster and boost your revenue? It’s simple; all you need to do is to work on your pre-sale process. Did you know that more than 67% of the car buyers consider the test-drive an essential thing affecting their final decision?