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We’ve got you covered with our How To series of articles. Here you can find everything: from practical design solutions to tips on how to set up digital signage. Every week we publish articles that bring you the real value. We want to educate, hint and promote the best digital signage practices, and we want you to enjoy every bit of it.

  • milad fakurian 9waPFLIzs1E unsplash Best Ways to Save Money with Digital Signage in 2023: Content Production - 1
    How to

    Best Ways to Save Money with Digital Signage in 2023: Content Production

    Digital signage costs vary. It all depends on many factors. When businesses or organizations just start using this solution or are on the way to deploying it, many price-related questions arise. Like “How much does digital signage cost?”, “Are we getting the return on investment?”, or a simpler “Is it worth it?”. We’re here to address these questions.

  • mall digital signage
    How to

    How to Do Mall Advertising Right with Digital Signage?

    Mall digital signage is an awesome way of customer communication. But if you’re operating a big shopping center you probably know that already. Screens allow you to reach the audience in a more powerful, direct way. Let’s take a look at mall advertising and see how you can level up your game with the help of digital signage in a mall.

  • window signage
    How to

    Window Signage Basics: How to Use Displays

    This article is about how to make your window a window of opportunity (pun intended). Many businesses forget about the fantastic selling capabilities of the outdoors and the outside (if it’s a shopping mall). Business window signage gets the job of attention-grabbing done and that’s all you need to sell more. Wouldn’t you want a tool that gives such a result? Let’s take a closer look at the window display signage and the ways of doing it right. Origins of window shopping While it may seem like a straightforward concept, window shopping is the core of modern commerce. The premise is simple, shops have windows. Shops sell goods. In order…

  • digital signage widgets
    How to

    Top Digital Signage Widgets to Use

    When you just start your digital signage journey all the possibilities this technology has to offer may be overwhelming. But don’t worry, Kitcast has you covered. In this article, we’ve collected the top digital signage widgets to use. Learn more about what each of them can do and how your business or organization can profit from such a technology.

  • elevator digital signage
    How to

    How to Nail Elevator Digital Signage

    Yes, there’s such a thing as elevator digital signage. And while it may sound like it’s not that big of a deal, the ways you can boost a direct engagement with this kind of tool is pure magic. Of course, as every solution elevator digital signage needs careful planning and great execution. But once you’ve got it figured out, you’re getting a powerful interactive technology that brings more sales.

  • digital signage systems for schools
    How to

    Making Digital Signage for Schools: 2023 Guide

    There are various approaches to making digital signage for schools. It always depends on the size, the needs, the technological capabilities, and the desired results. Still, there are the best practices on how to organize screen technology in the most beneficial way. In this article, we’d like to review the top options for digital signage in schools for 2023 and show you what kinds of content you can employ to get the most out of this system.

  • outdoor digital signage displays
    How to

    Outdoor Digital Signage Displays for Small Businesses

    Outdoor digital signage displays are something that every small business would be glad to have. The reason is pretty simple. They help you to sell better, engage better, and promote better. Wouldn’t you want that for your business? We’ve prepared this mini guide on why digital signage outdoor displays should be added to your marketing structure.

  • hospital digital signage solutions
    How to

    How to Revamp Your Hospital Lobby With Screens

    Adding screens to the lobby is one of the best hospital digital signage solutions you can adopt right now. It’s effective, beautiful, and direct. With lobby digital signage you’re engaging with your visitors better and can create a special atmosphere. It shouldn’t be a super complicated technological system, you would only require cloud-based software to do it right. Here’s how to do digital signage for hospitals properly with a focus on a lobby experience.

  • Digital Signage for Small Businesses
    How to

    Digital Signage for Small Businesses: a Guide

    Are you looking into the practicalities of digital signage for small businesses? You’re on the right track. We’re here to help you understand how this technology works, why you should deploy it, what benefits you’ll have, and what content you can show. This is our ultimate guide for small business digital signage. Let’s see what’s in store for you with this exciting solution.

  • digital signage for gyms
    How to

    How to Make the Best Digital Signage for Gyms

    Digital signage for gyms is a wonderful technological tool that allows for a better customer experience. Another awesome advantage is the myriad of selling opportunities for gyms themselves. Gym digital signage makes the workout space more modern and attractive and helps bring in more clients. This article will give you tips and tricks on how to make the best digital signage for gyms. Are you ready? Let’s go.