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How to

We’ve got you covered with our How To series of articles. Here you can find everything: from practical design solutions to tips on how to set up digital signage. Every week we publish articles that bring you the real value. We want to educate, hint and promote the best digital signage practices, and we want you to enjoy every bit of it.

  • kelly sikkema 6vudIBHwLe8 unsplash How to Sell Better with Screens - 1
    How to

    How to Sell Better with Screens

    Does digital signage have an impact on sales? Of course. And it’s a direct one. Without this technology, you’re down on the ground. When you start using screens, it gives you a marketing equivalent of wings. You’re basically flying in the clouds of content. And it feels great. Would you like to discover with Kitcast more about how to sell better with screens? Then, let’s go. 

  • nikhil mitra Q 6BS8IN0J8 unsplash How to Sell Better with Screens - 2
    How to

    How to Create a Better Digital Signage Content in 5 Steps

    Our clients often wonder what is a good digital signage content creation. Putting it shortly, it’s what works best for your business or organization. There are tools that help you with crafting the right stuff, but it’s always individual. In this article, we’ll provide you with some tips on what to think about when creating the content. 

  • joshua coleman iNrBHgUBDSg unsplash How to Sell Better with Screens - 3
    How to

    How to Create Digital Signage Content Plan: TOP 5 Tips

    There’s nothing more valuable for the success of your visual marketing than the digital signage content. It’s what your audience sees, it’s how you engage. But great content doesn’t just emerge. It takes preparation, it takes planning. That’s why we’ve written this article on how to create a perfect digital signage content plan. 

  • paolo chiabrando qVgOxgXfPsQ unsplash 1 How to Sell Better with Screens - 5
    How to

    How to Choose Digital Signage Screens in 2022

    Choosing a digital signage screen is one of the most important aspects of introducing this technology to your business or organization. It’s a serious investment that should be done after careful research of the best options on the market. Here are the digital signage screens to check out in 2022. 

  • maxim hopman IayKLkmz6g0 unsplash How to Sell Better with Screens - 6
    How to

    What is a Digital Signage System and How it Works

    Setting up a digital signage system is a great way to boost your marketing and drive more sales. This tool allows you to catalyze the impact of your content and create a much better engagement with your customers. Let’s have a closer look at how it works. 

  • free apple tv digital signage
    How to

    How to Try the Free Apple TV Digital Signage?

    Starting with digital signage has never been easier with Kitcast free Apple TV digital signage. You can try it at your own pace without spending a penny.  When screens became a golden standard of visual communication many businesses felt an urge to switch from the old school static solution to dynamic technology. However, the change isn’t always smooth: digital technology still is quite misunderstood and not implemented to its full potential. And it’s a pity, as it is a true game-changer for marketing and allows your company to utilize a full force of the latest advancements in content broadcasting.  Also, there is still a misconception that it’s expensive. It’s not…