5 Mistakes

Every month we analyze the feedback from our customers and research the market to bring you sets of digital signage mistakes users sometimes make. We also offer our piece of advice on the improvement.

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    5 Mistakes,  Kitcast Explains

    5 Mistakes: Customer Engagement

    Customer engagement is the crucial element companies seek a secret recipe for. The reality is that the best thing you can do is to avoid the common mistakes and you’ll be a few steps ahead of your competitors in customer engagement marketing already.

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    5 Mistakes In Real Estate Marketing. Avoiding Them With Digital Signage

    Real estate is the competitive niche out there, and to win your customers you have to be inventive and a born salesman. More and more agents tend to spice up their real estate marketing plan with digital tricks. The one who applies the best digital techniques is usually way ahead of his competitors. Today we want you to become the real estate agent who knows how to deal with regular marketing mistakes and benefits from the digital signage software for real estate.