We’re happy to introduce the “Collaboration” feature!

So, what are “Roles” and “Collaboration” about?

Anyone who has registered with Kitcast is now the “workspace owner,” or as we call it – an “Owner.”
As an Owner, you can invite people to collaborate on your locations. Depending on the role that you’ve set, people will have different permissions.

In order to invite new people to collaborate on your specific locations or the whole workspace: go to the “Collaborate” tab of your Dashboard and start by giving your workspace a name (should be done once).

Managers: Can only manage the playlist of the specific locations where they were invited. Can create/remove widgets, change schedule and upload content. Managers can’t invite new people or see/change the payment info or make any purchases.

Admins: Can manage everything, including inviting new people, creating new locations, managing access permissions, updating payment info or making new purchases.

Boom, that’s it!

Start inviting managers to each location or administrators to handle all of them.

After you’ve specified the email and sent the invitation, all that is needed is that the invited manager or administrator signed up to the Kitcast dashboard using the email address you specified.

Note: if the manager has already been invited to one of your locations, you can easily add them to any other, if needed.

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