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Digital Signage Trends 2022: Challenges and Opportunities

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It’s high time to do a traditional digital signage trends 2022 article. The market has never been more unpredictable and it’s always good to draw conclusions and think ahead. We’ll do just that highlighting the top trends of the coming year. 

Many looked at 2021 with hope. The vaccination rollout turned out to be huge. Millions of people around the world received the two doses, some received additional booster shots. Some chose not to receive any. But the pandemic didn’t retreat. It struck back with new variants putting businesses and organizations worldwide under scrutiny again. 

digital signage trends 2022

If 2020 was about survival, 2021 about the crisis management, 2022 is about adaptation to a new normal

Digital signage market trends forecast

Many companies went out of business, many have declared bankruptcy. Still, the hope loomed large and we’ve seen an exciting year full of compassion, creativity, and, yes, income too. Those who were able to foresee what’s coming next and transform their operations accordingly could go through with more reassurance. 

And digital signage was definitely present. Outdoors and indoors, the screens supported businesses giving them a chance to market their product better, ensuring more effective communication, and keeping everyone safe through the COVID-19 crisis with regular updates, alerts, and vital info.

Even though everyone is tired and the news on pandemic progression remain quite on the negative side of the spectrum, digital signage trends look good for 2022. The screen technology was completely ready to address the challenges of the pandemic and the businesses were keen to use this power. It will only get better in 2022; digital signage industry trends are positive. Let’s see what’s coming next. 


The more exposure people have to technology the more interactive it becomes. Whether it’s with gestures, voice, movement, or touch, one of the hottest digital signage market trends for 2022 is an increase in interactivity. 

Customers expect to be entertained and the screens can satisfy that craving. Businesses are competing with each other in creative ways to interact and digital signage (with the right software of course) can turn an ordinary screen into a thrilling visual playground. 

Deepening of social media integration 

COVID-19 pandemic has made everyone live only. To zoom became a full-fledged verb and most of us basically lived in social media platforms throughout long periods of quarantines. That importance of the online presence will be very noticeable in 2022. 

One of the most probable digital signage trends is that brands will focus more on their social media presence and design the visiting experience to their premises accordingly. We’ll see a greater emphasis on the promotion of social media profiles, hashtags, challenges and user-generated content. As the online shopping becomes bigger, this medium is everything, and the main battle for the customer wallets will be fought there. 

Smarter AI

While it’s improbable that the robot apocalypse will start in 2022, AI is still one of the most anticipated digital signage trends of 2022. With each year AI capabilities of the screens become better and next year will definitely see some fascinating applications of this technology on a different scale. Both in the ways people interact with the screens and in the modus operandi of displays themselves. With more powerful machine learning algorithms, digital signage technology becomes more and more autonomous and content delivery more effective. 

Virtual reality in real life 

As the word “metaverse” exits the obscurity of the nerdy comic culture and becomes a new technology norm heralded by the giants like former Facebook now Meta, virtual reality is no longer a joke. Brands should take notice of the marketing opportunities there early on to be able to rip fruitful results in the future. 

It’s hard to say if the ambitious plans of Mark Zuckerberg will come to “virtual” reality anytime soon. It’s even harder to predict whether such a turn will be popular among users or will end up in the graveyard of many former Facebook initiatives. One thing is clear, where there is visual technology, there’s digital signage. And it will walk hand in hand with any virtual reality systems that enter the market. 2022 may be a start so pay close attention. 


It’s quite weird to have it in a list of digital signage trends 2022 but here we are. Uncertainty is definitely something that will define the year that follows. While doing business means dealing with uncertainty daily, the coronavirus one is a totally different animal. It’s out of control and it has no solution on a large scale. That means that businesses and organizations largely depend on how states deal with the matter. 

Today the economy, politics, healthcare, private business and public opinion are intertwined in an unprecedented way. And that’s mostly a very complicated thing to predict and to mitigate. Companies should exercise extra caution in making decisions in 2022 and take great care of spending their budgets. 

New coronavirus variants are the main danger of 2022. Again, the severity of a new variant is uncertain. And that leads to huge difficulties in making predictions. We see that in two different variants that came out in 2021. Delta and Omicron have shown that it wasn’t a time to declare a victory in a war against coronavirus. They were also very dissimilar, putting the scientific world in search of a cure again and slowing down the vaccination.   

Rethinking of space

As people choose online more often than offline to buy things and use services, in order to survive businesses will be forced to rethink the whole experience to address the ongoing challenges. Every new lockdown puts a nail to the coffin of real-life interaction. 

Also, due to coronavirus, the spaces undergo a drastic change. We see a large-scale “dehumanization” of retail with interactive boxes instead of cashiers, automated purchasing, stores with no people, QR ordering. This is set to only become bigger in 2022 as businesses are looking for ways to overcome the negative impacts of the pandemic. 

Digital signage is at the forefront of this technological retail revolution and the screens will further be used to give customers the best possible experience in times of uncertainty. 

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