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We know how crucial innovative technical solutions are for healthcare. Stay on the verge of digital signage for healthcare to improve patients’ experience and their often vital communication with medical staff. Find out how to optimize mundane and time-consuming services, offer visual augmentation with valuable digital signage content through screens.

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    Our response to COVID-19

    To all our valued customers and partners across the globe, During the COVID-19 outbreak that struck the world, everyone has a role to play. Although digital signage won’t stop the pandemic, it absolutely can raise public awareness. Communicating Coronavirus safety information is the most powerful tool we have. We want to share it with you as the safety of our customers and employees has always been our top priority.

  • 5 Mistakes to avoid when installing digital signage in a hospital - Kitcast Blog
    Kitcast Explains,  5 Mistakes,  Healthcare

    5 Mistakes to Avoid When Installing Digital Signage in a Hospital

    The global digitalization is entering literally every niche today, and it would be so weird not to disrupt the healthcare and make it more interactive and convenient. Patients want to be guided through every step of their healthcare journey, but it doesn’t mean that you’ve got to hire dozens of receptionists and other employees. An ultimate solution for this would be the hospital digital signage, and today, we’ll explain how to try it yourself and not make the most popular mistakes of applying the signage technology.

  • Hospital Digital Signage As An Education Tool - Kitcast Blog
    Kitcast Explains,  Healthcare

    Hospital Digital Signage As An Education Tool

    A giant leap in the development of technological solutions has triggered a drastic change in how we transmit and consume information. The multimedia displays uncover the new possibilities of interacting with the audience providing more benefits for a rise of a customer’s awareness and an increase in a company’s performance. Thus, equipping the waiting rooms, lobbies or offices with the interactive digital signage can become not only an effective marketing tool but also a means to educate your audience.