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  • Checklist for DOOH Campaign - Kitcast Blog
    Growth Point

    9 Steps to Creating a DOOH Campaign

    Any successful DOOH campaign is a result of meticulous work with the target audience and market research. To reach your potential clients outdoors, to establish effective marketing communication — all that requires so much more than installing a digital billboard in the neighborhood. In August, we published a checklist for a DOOH campaign. It’s time to go through the basics once more with feeling. Here’s our infographic that will help you create the DOOH marketing campaign that works.

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    How to Reach to Customers in Content-Centered Marketing

    We apply our knowledge in content-centered marketing and provide you with insights that will help you reach your customers with the content you create. Our article includes practical advice with the guiding tips that will help you avoid the common mistakes and finally deliver your content right to your target audience.

  • How to Market to Tech-Savvy Customers If Your Product Is Not Even Tech - Kitcast Blog
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    How to Market to Tech-Savvy Customers If Your Product Is Not Even Tech.

    We’ve worked out a plan for you on how to market your products to tech-savvy customers. To do that you don’t need to produce a tech-related product, it’s about the audience that you’ll be able to target and interact with. Learn how to reach out to the tech-oriented millennials and where to start with the customer acquisition strategy.

  • 5 Apps you need to organize work - Kitcast Blog
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    5 Apps you Desperately Need to Organize your Work at Last

    An ultimate list of apps that will help you fight the procrastination and organize your working process.  Procrastination and lack of productivity are becoming the most significant problems of the XXI century. Losing your time in 2019 is not an option; you’ve got to focus on the work you have and make sure you schedule your working process smartly. 

  • How to Stop Worrying and Love the AI in Marketing - Kitcast Blog
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    How to Stop Worrying and Love the AI in Marketing

    People tend to underestimate the importance of AI in marketing. We genuinely believe that you’ve got to start implementing the basics of artificial intelligence in your marketing plan in 2019. Here’s our guide on where you should start and what is AI in marketing and advertising.