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If you’re after creating an effective and cost-efficient network across the college and university campuses, schools and dormitories of all kinds – follow our blog for useful content. You’ll learn how to easily manage digital signage for education and keep your institution ahead of the curve.

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    9 Best College Ads That We Loved in 2022 | Kitcast Blog

    Best college ads are brief, inspiring, and epic. Investing in the college is one of the life-turning decisions for the parents and the future students, so the ad should take that into consideration. And we love a good use of creativity in the education space. These college advertisements definitely know how to produce an awesome video and we’d like to share the most amazing entries in 2022.

  • Reinventing the Classroom with the Digital Signage for Colleges - Kitcast Blog
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    Reinventing the Classroom with the Digital Signage for Colleges

    When it comes to innovative technologies, schools and colleges usually have to play catch up. Education industry requires a newly popped up technology to have a proven record before they start implementing it. As of today, more and more colleges began to catch up on the digital signage trend. Even though you’re still not late for the party, it’s just about time to start if you want digital signage to give a boost to your school’s education process.

  • 7 Great Digital Signage Projects In Colleges - Kitcast Blog
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    7 Great Digital Signage Projects In Colleges

    Technology is swiftly shaping education by giving more possibilities for effective learning. Digital signage is at the forefront of this process. It offers colleges numerous amazing solutions to improve the learning experience for students. Digital signage for colleges can bring a positive impact on campuses and resolve many learning issues. We have collected 7 great digital signage projects in colleges to get inspired by.