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    7 Great Ways to Use Digital Signage in Corporate Communication

    Technologies can have a tremendous effect on improving the quality of internal corporate communication, ensuring the wellbeing of the employees and boosting overall productivity. Corporate digital signage is a versatile tool for making the workplace better and achieving higher results. Screens can positively change the working environment and help resolve day-to-day issues in an easy and effortless manner.

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    7 Times Digital Signage Became a Work of Visual Art

    The innovation of the display industry gave companies almost endless possibilities in creatively using the screens to convey their message. Apart from being an amazing tool for raising brand awareness and boosting sales, a digital signage done right can be a true visual delight. Here are 7 examples of digital signage that became a work of visual art!

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    Smart Cities: Shaping the Infrastructure with Digital Signage

    In recent years, marketing agencies have overused the word “Smart” to the point that is has become a buzzword. Smart Tables, Smart Windows, Smart Everything. Now you can even find ridiculously named products like Smart Toothpicks. Yet, with new developments in urban design and tech, ‘Smart’ gradually becomes reality in a form of Smart Cities. We’re going to dive deeper into how digital signage can be a significant part of Smart Cities’ future… today.

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    Introducing the “Collaboration” feature for Kitcast Digital Signage!

    We’re happy to introduce the “Collaboration” feature! So, what are “Roles” and “Collaboration” about? Anyone who has registered with Kitcast is now the “workspace owner,” or as we call it – an “Owner.” As an Owner, you can invite people to collaborate on your locations. Depending on the role that you’ve set, people will have different permissions.

  • How to Use Digital Signage Software in Retail Store? - Kitcast Blog
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    How to Use Digital Signage Software in Retail Store?

    Despite a lightning-like development of delivery services, people will unlikely do without retail stores in the nearest future. Moreover, retailers are not interested in yielding positions and surrender to the onset of innovations. They choose the way of adaptation and co-existence. Thus, many retail shops make attempts to use state-of-the-art technologies for own benefit. The examples include a conveyor belt, video surveillance, usage of barcodes etc. It’s most likely that the trend will continue and technologies will be successfully implemented furtherly.

  • Hospital Digital Signage As An Education Tool - Kitcast Blog
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    Hospital Digital Signage As An Education Tool

    A giant leap in the development of technological solutions has triggered a drastic change in how we transmit and consume information. The multimedia displays uncover the new possibilities of interacting with the audience providing more benefits for a rise of a customer’s awareness and an increase in a company’s performance. Thus, equipping the waiting rooms, lobbies or offices with the interactive digital signage can become not only an effective marketing tool but also a means to educate your audience.

  • How to choose the right player for digital signage - Kitcast Blog
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    How to Choose the Right Player for Digital Signage

    Following the trends of the state-of-the-art technologies is not as simple as it seems. A variety of various high-tech solutions is widespread throughout different areas, spheres, and industries offering multiple solutions to optimize and improve either efficiency or performance. Digital signage holds a special niche among the modern innovations. In spite of its origin from a more extended meaning “signage”, the attribute “digital” assigns a tint of a compliance with the current flow of time.

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    Simplicity Drives Everything

    The development of state-of-the-art technologies is aimed at making them much easier for a customer. It means that despite huge resources used for the creation of some software or device, the result should be simple and understandable for the target user. Since digital signage is the way of communication with a customer, such communication must be simple and convenient.