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digital signage in corporate communications

8 Ideas for the Corporate Communication Digital Signage

Corporations vary in size and scale yet one thing stays the same: effective internal communication is a must to ensure the highest quality of work. That’s when digital signage in corporate communications comes at play as an ultimate tool to give corporations great power to organize internal processes. 

Pandemic has changed the way we work. Workplaces around the world stood (and still standing empty) due to the lockdown restrictions and the virus spread. However, the office is not going anywhere. More than 60% of jobs are in the workplace and it is going to more or less stay that way. What is going to change regarding the coronavirus crisis though is the way the working is organized.

Social distancing, wearing masks, minimizing the spread of the virus are the realities of 2021 and, probably, 2022. Until the vaccination is done in a way that stops the spread of coronavirus, it’s too early to talk about the defeat of COVID-19. But it doesn’t mean that the organizations shouldn’t look for ways to make their workplace better for the productivity and success of the company and the wellbeing of the employees. 

According to the recent study of Deloitte, the digitalization of the companies has been catalyzed by the virus and has had a positive impact on overall productivity. Should your company be behind the trend? Or is it finally time to turn to the digital solutions that help you thrive in the highly competitive economy that suffered a huge blow from the negative effects of the virus? The answer is easy: it’s time to implement the best digitalization practices that are guaranteed to make your workplace more effective and more resilient to the outcomes of the pandemic. 

Why corporate communications digital signage

When we analyze the tools that are available to companies, digital signage stands out as one of the most obvious choices to make things better without going bust. The screen technology is easily implemented and offers a wide range of ways to transform your companies’ internal processes. Digital signage in corporate communications is a quick, easy, powerful and money-saving tool, one you can’t continue without once you’ve tried it. 

Often companies are reluctant to install digital signage solutions because it sounds too technical and too confusing. However, with companies like Kitcast the whole process takes literally minutes to set up. You would just need a screen, an Apple TV and an internet connection. You download our app from the App store, spend 5 minutes walking through a simple plug-and-play process and you’re good to go with the corporate communications digital signage straight away. Does it sound any more complicated than unpacking a new iPad? 

But in order to effectively start doing corporate communications digital signage at your company, it is important to know what is actually working and which content is the best in 2021. That’s why we’ve prepared this list of 8 Ideas for the Corporate Communication Digital Signage. Let’s get into it. 

1. COVID-19 awareness

Let’s face it, the modern work environment is completely dependent on the effectiveness of the fight against COVID-19. Any organization that opens its office doors to employees has to make sure that they would be safe inside and that the situation is under complete control. Nobody needs another superspreader event or a factory outbreak. 

Of course, as an employer, you can’t control every single germ that goes in and out of the office. What you can do though is organize your workplace in a way that minimizes any potential spread of the virus. And fast and direct communication is vital here. We’re talking “at the right place, at the right time” messaging about the COVID-19. When you have digital signage deployed, the whole process becomes much simpler and intuitive. 

When you have screens at the workplace you can use them to show PSAs, directions, crucial virus information, examples, warnings. That’s a game-changer when it comes to covering a big corporation in a short time or reaching every one of your employees. 

2. Keeping employees informed about the company

Nobody likes to be in the dark. In our fast-changing world, the more informed you are the better it is for the business and for productivity. That’s why digital signage is a great idea to ensure that your workers get everything they need to do their jobs. This can include news, company stats, facts, etc. 

With screens implemented you can forget about word-of-mouth and rudimentary leaflets. Digital technology will do everything for you and will do it effectively. 

Corporate digital signage solutions allow you to be in constant interaction with your workers. By installing the screens you’re creating an effective network that brings communication efforts to the next level. Is there a necessary update that needs to be brought up? You can use screens for that. And you can do it instantly, without spending time on printing and distributing.

3. Providing training 

Constant training is absolutely essential for increasing the qualification of your employees and ensuring that your company is up-to-date with all the latest developments in the industry you’re in. Boring training is the worst, we all know that. It shouldn’t make everyone feel miserable about themselves and often it does. While it’s not only about the medium of the training but more about how it’s done, the digital medium can help a lot. 

Screens are interactive and engaging, it’s in the core of their technology. Why not use it to the fullest potential at the training? It is definitely a way to boost the interest of your employees and bring more trust within the company. With screens, you have an unlimited number of content approaches to make your employees interested in training. 

4. Notifying about the important milestones and emergencies

Sometimes it’s important to act fast. Whether it’s a factory emergency or a sudden change in the stock price, the faster the information is delivered internally the better. And digital signage is perfect for that. With one click you can turn all the screens at your company into the message boards without having to think about all the hassle of printing and going separately to each employee with the information. 

Emergency situations can really put your business or organization under the test. It’s absolutely essential to have a game plan in case something goes wrong and digital signage in corporate communications has you covered from the unexpected.

5. Ensuring the real-time information delivery

Some industries require constant real-time information updates. They depend on the speed of information distribution. When you use screens for that purpose you may be sure that the real-time is done right and your company is backed by technology. This will improve productivity and make sure that you care about your workforce. 

Screens are very flexible and adaptable so you can use them in a way that works best for your industry showing content that is relevant. When the employees are constantly informed about the fluctuating numbers or important changing stats, it’s making their jobs easier.

6. Encouraging employees

The best workplace is the one that cherishes its employees and is ready to recognize their successes. It is all about healthy communication and empathy. Do you feel like your workers might have a stressful day because of the workload? Use the digital signage to communicate with them, broadcast something nice, improve morale, motivate. Show them that you care. 

Another way to use it is for recognition. For example, each week you can run “Worker of the week” contests, regularly thank employers that work great.

7. Minimizing the use of printed materials

Although it seems that 2021 should see the paperless world, it is still not a case for many companies out there. Countless printed materials, tons of cut wood, harm to the environment. There is a much better and effective alternative to it: digital signage in corporate communications. 

Screens do everything paper does but they do it much efficiently and without unnecessary printing and paper costs. With easy implementation, you’re at once getting rid of all the printing-related problems and headaches. So why not implement the technology instead of going old school? 

And cutting costs on paper would be a great way to redistribute money where it should be without spending it on solutions that don’t work anymore.

8. Create a socially welcoming space

Having fun at work may not sound like a very realistic idea but it definitely should be a part of making sure that your workplace is nice to be at. Creating a welcoming, safe environment is key here. The wellbeing of your employees can be improved by that and the screens will help. Run funny quizzes, interact with your workers through social media, make immersive work-related quests. Fun should always be present at a place where people spend so much time. And you can achieve that by going digital.