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Every day we browse through tons of digital signage articles for the most interesting and groundbreaking ones. From Australian DOOH to the AV industry in the Middle East – in our digests, we collect the articles about digital signage that help you in boosting your marketing and improving strategies.

  • digital signage sports campaigns

    5 awesome digital signage sports campaigns in 2021

    Although 2021 was a hard year for businesses worldwide, we still have reasons to celebrate creativity and innovation. That’s what our blog does every year recognizing those in the industry who did great. And there were some digital signage sports campaigns that we absolutely loved this year. Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, it’s quite early to talk about the full-fledged return to the sports arenas but one thing is clear: stadium signs are here to stay and they are shining stronger than ever. 

  • digital signs in hospitals

    5 great advantages of digital signs in hospitals

    Digital signs in hospitals can take your healthcare institution to the next level improving communication, providing better wayfinding and giving space for recognition and promotion of things that matter. Let’s walk through the ways to make it happen using screens. 

  • dental office digital signage

    6 Ideas of Digital Signage for Dental Clinics Waiting Rooms

    Dental office digital signage can help your business win over clients and drastically cut waiting times. It is a technology that is able to take your clinic to the future.  Waiting rooms can be distressing. When a person comes to the dental office there’s always some health problem to deal with. Sitting in anticipation of a visit can seriously get to one’s nerve. And a distressed client is usually an unhappy client. That’s why it’s important to make sure that the patients at your clinic have a top-notch service from start to finish.  One of the ways to do this is opting for dental office digital signage – a technology…

  • school digital signage

    7 Ways to Use Digital Signage in Schools

    It’s the 21st century and yet school digital signage is not that common yet. Digital signage in schools is the best tool to make an important step into a better future. We will show you how it can be done in the most effective way. 

  • digital signage in corporate communications

    8 Ideas for the Corporate Communication Digital Signage

    Corporations vary in size and scale yet one thing stays the same: effective internal communication is a must to ensure the highest quality of work. That’s when digital signage in corporate communications comes at play as an ultimate tool to give corporations great power to organize internal processes. 

  • restaurant digital signage trends

    TOP-6 Restaurant Digital Signage Trends of 2021

    As the world enters 2021 with a pandemic still undefeated, it is time to rethink how people interact with each other. This is especially relevant for the restaurant industry that suffered a large hit by coronavirus-related restrictions. So here are the restaurant digital signage trends for 2021 to keep things that will matter this year in focus.

  • 11 stunning hotel ads

    11 stunning hotel ads to be inspired by

    As the travel industry was booming in 2019, the competition between hotels grew in all the segments. That’s when advertising came in handy and the more creative and on point it was, the more chances hotels had to win the hearts and minds of the potential travelers.