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    15 most charming Christmas ads of 2019

    Christmas is a magical time when all the wishes come true and people get together. Also, it is a time when marketers worldwide unleash all of their creative potentials to make amazing ads. So here we are celebrating the best Christmas ads out there. 

  • 5 Young Entrepreneurs to Follow - Kitcast Blog

    5 Young Entrepreneurs to Follow If You Want to Start Your Business

    Every successful business starts with an idea. Simple, revolutionary or plain crazy – the hardest part is in building something really valuable upon it. We’re always inspired after learning about the successful young entrepreneurs who took the risk and it paid back oh so well! From reusable straws to career advising services — here’s our list of five famous young entrepreneurs to follow if want to start your business.

  • 5 Examples Of Digital Signage In Movies - Kitcast Blog
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    5 Great Examples Of Digital Signage In Movies

    Digital signage may sometimes seem rocket science for businesses that are new to the DOOH market. With too many overcomplicated software solutions out there, it’s easy to get lost. Why would I need digital signage? How to benefit from it? Before you find answers to these and many other questions in our blog, we’d like to give a tour in the world of DOOH as seen through the lens of a camera – movies. Digital billboards, 3D holographic displays – sci-fi movies have been creating (and sometimes, predicting) the mesmerizing digital signage solutions for decades. We’ve made a list of the most memorable ones.

  • 10 Powerful Ideas For Mall Digital Signage - Kitcast Blog
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    10 Powerful Ideas For Mall Digital Signage

    Advertising in malls and shopping centers is a billion dollar industry that supports brands worldwide for the last decades. While the old-fashioned video ads along with pictures are still doing good, the viral and creative marketing campaigns are delivering way better results.