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  • markus winkler bfuy8aRCRt4 unsplash 10 digital signage airport solutions we absolutely love - 2

    10 Best Fashion Brands on Instagram

    Browsing through the best fashion brands on Instagram is a highly inspiring and visually pleasing experience. It allows you to see the diverse approaches that the best creative minds of the world are using to market their products. And it’s a great study of what’s en vogue today, what’s trending, and where the fashion industry stands.

  • 15 Instagram Accounts to Follow if You Own a Cafe - Kitcast Blog
    Digests,  Listicles,  Restaurants

    15 Instagram Accounts to Follow if You Own a Cafe

    These 15 best cafe Instagram accounts can inspire and give you ideas on how to manage yours. It’s always refreshing to look at the social media channels that do their marketing right. That’s why we’ve decided to gather the best of the best for this article. You will find much awesome coffee shop Instagram ideas here and a myriad of different content types. So let’s get right to it. 

  • brett jordan C 6flRmy 80 unsplash 1 10 digital signage airport solutions we absolutely love - 3

    The Best Fast Food Ads Ever

    Fast food ads have been there since the dawn of time. Provocative, colorful, funny, stupid, and weird, they have indicated what’s wrong and what’s right with the business. Not everyone succeeded but we’ve seen some of the best advertisement pieces ever that have formed some kind of a golden fund for the marketing videos. Let’s see the best of the best. 

  • college ads
    Listicles,  Education

    9 Best College Ads That We Loved in 2022 | Kitcast Blog

    Best college ads are brief, inspiring, and epic. Investing in the college is one of the life-turning decisions for the parents and the future students, so the ad should take that into consideration. And we love a good use of creativity in the education space. These college advertisements definitely know how to produce an awesome video and we’d like to share the most amazing entries in 2022.

  • 10 Creative Real Estate Ads We Loved in 2018 - Kitcast Blog
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    10 Creative Real Estate Ads We Loved in 2022

    Creative real estate ads exist. The stakes are high in this industry, if you sell you sell big. That’s why nailing real estate creative ads is such an important thing to do if you’re in this business. Impress clients with a stunning visual, promote your company through well-communicated video, and evoke emotions with scripted cinematic pieces. 

  • bank ads

    9 Excellent Bank Ads that Give a Lesson in Marketing

    Best bank ads are those that resonate with you on an emotional level. Let’s face it, banks are not hotels, restaurants, or amusement parks. They are dealing with one of the most sensitive aspects of our lives, they deal with money. That’s why when it comes to advertising there should be taste and a sense of relevance. Because probably nobody wakes up in the morning thinking “hmm, I will go to a bank today, I am so excited about this”.