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  • college ads
    Listicles,  Education

    9 Best College Ads That We Loved in 2022 | Kitcast Blog

    Best college ads are brief, inspiring, and epic. Investing in the college is one of the life-turning decisions for the parents and the future students, so the ad should take that into consideration. And we love a good use of creativity in the education space. These college advertisements definitely know how to produce an awesome video and we’d like to share the most amazing entries in 2022.

  • 10 Creative Real Estate Ads We Loved in 2018 - Kitcast Blog
    Listicles,  Digests,  Real Estate

    10 Creative Real Estate Ads We Loved in 2022

    Creative real estate ads exist. The stakes are high in this industry, if you sell you sell big. That’s why nailing real estate creative ads is such an important thing to do if you’re in this business. Impress clients with a stunning visual, promote your company through well-communicated video, and evoke emotions with scripted cinematic pieces. 

  • bank ads

    9 Excellent Bank Ads that Give a Lesson in Marketing

    Best bank ads are those that resonate with you on an emotional level. Let’s face it, banks are not hotels, restaurants, or amusement parks. They are dealing with one of the most sensitive aspects of our lives, they deal with money. That’s why when it comes to advertising there should be taste and a sense of relevance. Because probably nobody wakes up in the morning thinking “hmm, I will go to a bank today, I am so excited about this”. 

  • marten bjork n IKQDCyrG0 unsplash 11 Fantastic Hotel Advertisements that will Amaze You (+ 11 more) - 1

    11 Fantastic Hotel Advertisements that will Amaze You (+ 11 more)

    If you’re in hospitality it’s essential to give your customers a superior experience. Marketing is also one of the fronts to reach this goal. We’re always looking for the most creative things done by the players of various industries. That’s why today Kitcast delivers you the best hotel advertisements. Travel is that segment that nurtures emotions and a good advertisement can get you far. Let’s see the latest genius hotel advertising examples together.

  • 10 irresistible restaurant Instagram accounts to inspire 10 Best Restaurant Instagram Accounts to Inspire Yours - 2
    Listicles,  Restaurants

    10 Best Restaurant Instagram Accounts to Inspire Yours

    Instagram can make miracles when it comes to restaurant promotion. As food can be extra-Instagrammable and it’s one of the staples of this social media network’s content, you should use it to the full force. Like the institutions on this list. We have collected the 10 best restaurant Instagram accounts in 2022 that go an extra mile to deliver state-of-art content. Inspiring it is. 

  • nicolas j leclercq qDLLP0yP7FU unsplash TOP-3 Digital Signage Hardware Solutions - 3

    TOP-3 Digital Signage Hardware Solutions

    Digital signage hardware is important for a smooth experience. In tandem with the right software, it can ensure that your whole system works properly and you’re gaining from this solution. This article will help you to choose the best hardware for your business. 

  • nightclub digital signage

    5 Ways Nightclubs Can Use Digital Signage

    Nightclub digital signage can boost the attractiveness of your venue, bring more engagement with visitors, and most importantly help you sell more to more people. We will show you the exciting world of the screens so belt up and enjoy the ride.

  • digital signage for Gyms

    5 Awesome Ideas to Use Digital Signage at Your Gym

    It’s time to turn to digital signage for gyms to transform your business into the technologically upgraded content beast. By using digital signage for fitness centers your content delivery gets seriously ripped. Here’s how to do it with the best efficiency.