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    9 Visual Content Resources to Get Inspired by in Your Digital Signage

    At Kitcast, we believe that creativity drives everything. From personal progress to business success. And most certainly, your digital signage content requires a creative approach just as much as any customer communication channel you choose. Getting your message through, building a bond and successfully promoting with content – that’s where you should sometimes opt for unconventional methods. To inspire your customers, you have to be inspired yourself. We’re prepared a list of visual content resources to help you come up with fresh and appealing ideas for your digital signage content.

  • 10 digital signage ideas on St. Patrick’s Day - Kitcast Blog
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    10 Digital Signage Ideas on St. Patrick’s Day

    We’re talking about that time of the year when people start their celebration in the morning and sometimes forget to finish it the next day. On our end, we strongly believe that that there are excellent digital signage content ideas that you can implement as a restaurant, cafe, bar or retail store owner to entertain your customers. We love St. Patrick’s Day so much that we’ll gladly share these ideas with you.

  • From Concert Cenues to Exibitions: Our Favourite Digital Signage Projects in Entertainment - Kitcast Blog
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    From Concert Venues to Exibitions: Our Favourite Digital Signage Projects in Entertainment

    The entertainment industry is on a perpetual mission to amaze and inspire. It has always had a strong visual component at its core and a need to apply the cutting-edge technology to grab attention. That’s why digital signage solutions seem like a perfect fit for the ever-changing entertainment landscape. Screens are helping venues to astonish audiences and give them a more engaging and immersive experience.

  • Our 10 favourite digital signage campaigns in sports in 2018 - Kitcast Blog
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    Our 10 Favourite Digital Signage Campaigns in Sports in 2018

    Digital signage in sports is always grand and fascinating. Just like the game itself. Ranging from gigantic scoreboards to multiple small screens around the stadium premises, digital signage can seriously boost up the attendance and drastically improve the visiting experience for the fans. It is a universal way to make the game more interesting using top-notch technology and the possibilities of modern displays.

  • Our Favourite Christmas Digital Signage Campaigns Of 2018 - Kitcast Blog
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    Our Favourite Christmas Digital Signage Campaigns Of 2018

    The holiday season is a truly enchanting time. Also, it is a part of the year when marketers get especially creative and compete in giving the best advertising campaigns for their businesses. Digital signage has a special place among the tools marketers use to broadcast their great Christmas messages. This year we’ve seen many amazing applications of holiday digital signage. Some were exceptionally amazing.

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    7 Great Digital Signage Projects In Colleges

    Technology is swiftly shaping education by giving more possibilities for effective learning. Digital signage is at the forefront of this process. It offers colleges numerous amazing solutions to improve the learning experience for students. Digital signage can bring a positive impact on campuses and resolve many learning issues. We have collected 7 great digital signage projects in colleges to get inspired by.

  • 10 Creative Real Estate Ads We Loved in 2018 - Kitcast Blog
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    10 Creative Real Estate Ads We Loved in 2018

    Real estate has always been a market with great advertising opportunities – companies often get highly creative to win over hearts and wallets of the customers. As the end product is very visual, marketers have a set of unlimited possibilities to present their properties in the best way possible. 2018 has seen some of the coolest and most original campaigns in the real estate world, here are our 10 favorite real estate ads.

  • 7 great ways to use digital signage in corporate communication - Kitcast Blog
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    7 Great Ways to Use Digital Signage in Corporate Communication

    Technologies can have a tremendous effect on improving the quality of internal corporate communication, ensuring the wellbeing of the employees and boosting overall productivity. Corporate digital signage is a versatile tool for making the workplace better and achieving higher results. Screens can positively change the working environment and help resolve day-to-day issues in an easy and effortless manner.

  • 15 Instagram accounts to follow if you own a cafe - Kitcast Blog
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    15 Instagram Accounts to Follow if You Own a Cafe

    Fancy food and coffee obsession is going strong these days. Marketers who hop on this trend will nail the art of Instagram marketing and might take their venues to the next level. Needless to say, engaging content is essential for businesses that desire to attract more customers and build social trust. That said, it’s crucial for cafes and coffee shops to focus their social media marketing strategy on visual content – if performed correctly, it can result in a tidal wave of new customers and viral promotion.