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Every day we browse through tons of digital signage articles for the most interesting and groundbreaking ones. From Australian DOOH to the AV industry in the Middle East – in our digests, we collect the articles about digital signage that help you in boosting your marketing and improving strategies.

  • banks on Instagram

    6 Best Banks on Instagram in 2022

    Are banks on Instagram? Of course! And while the financial industry doesn’t pop up as the most unforgettable one content-wise, guess what, the banks slay on this social media platform. 

  • Digital Signage Fails

    Top 4 Digital Signage Fails and How to Avoid Them

    Digital signage fails happen. And while making mistakes is part of a learning process and a way to improve yourself, you definitely don’t want to screw up in front of your customers. That’s why we’d like to review the top digital signage fails and give you a piece of advice on how to avoid them. 

  • top clothing retailers

    8 Top Clothing Retailers to Follow on Instagram

    Top clothing retailers love Instagram. It’s their natural playground, it’s a space where they can sell better. Catering predominately to the younger audience, clothing retailers can reach the hearts and wallets easier on this social media network. And we’re here to see how exactly they do it. 

  • creative gym ads

    We Absolutely Love These 7 Creative Gym Ads

    Creative gym ads are what we really love. As a place where people work on themselves, improve their physical and mental health and reach new goals, the gym industry is very motivational and inspirational. That’s exactly what you find in gym commercials. But some are better than others. Our article is about that. Here are the best gym ads for you to take notice of and upgrade your advertising (or finally buy that club card). 

  • Best Car Ads of 2022

    Best Car Ads of 2022

    We’ve decided to gather the best car ads in 2022. When it comes to automobile advertising, it’s always exciting. The big money is involved, the celebrities show up more often than, say, washing machine ads, and creativity is exploding. 2022 wasn’t an exception in the best car ads domain. As the industry is steadily going out of the coronavirus hibernation, car giants delivered a lot of awesome advertising, and we’re going to see it all now. 

  • The most impressive digital signage products in 2022

    The Most Impressive Digital Signage Products in 2022

    Although it’s been more than a month since InfoComm 2022 ended, we’ve decided to do a round-up of the coolest digital signage products we’ve seen at the show. Why it’s important? Because it’s what’s trending in the audiovisual industry at the moment, and it’s always better to keep your hand on the pulse of the latest advancements.  1. The Wall All-in-One, The Wall (IWB) and Flip Pro – Samsung Why: who hasn’t heard about The Wall at this point? This Samsung-created display has led to rounds in the audiovisual community ever since its introduction. InfoComm 2022 digital signage section has seen the South Korean technological behemoth presenting a new generation…