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Post Podcast Dave Haynes - Vol 5 - Kitcast Blog

“I Think It’s a Serious Player Already.”: Dave Haynes From Sixteen:Nine on SoC Displays.

During our podcast interview with Dave Haynes from Sixteen:Nine at the DSSE in July, we discussed the prospects and challenges for the digital signage market. With many insights and ideas brought up, this interview can change the perspective for many companies that are in search of new digital signage solutions. Last year Dave was very optimistic about the rise of SoC(System on Chip) technology. We’ve asked had his stance changed.

Dave Haynes Quote 5 “I Think It's a Serious Player Already.”: Dave Haynes From Sixteen:Nine on SoC Displays. - 1

Yes, I agree there are solutions that are pretty minimal in terms of what they can do, but there are also solutions out there where you have the software companies that invested a lot of time in that hardware and have basically developed native players. So you have this full range of solutions that go from just essentially getting something to work, getting a web player to work on smart display to ones where the whole platform is built around it and it’s very feature-reach. I think it’s a serious player already.” 

Listen to the full podcast interview with Dave Haynes to keep your hand on the pulse of the digital signage market and learn valuable insights:

Kitcast Podcast feat Sixteen:Nine– Episode 9 – What About the Digital Signage Market?