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best fashion ads

5 Best Fashion Ads of 2022

Fashion ads were terrific in 2022. It’s time to have a roundup of the best ones. Immensely stylish, unapologetically creative, and alluringly visual, they did the job of product promotion very well. Here are the best 2022 fashion ads for you to get a little bit of inspiration.

1. Tambour Twenty Timepiece: Journey Beyond Time – Louis Vuitton

Why: two behemoths of new Hollywood combine their forces in this beautiful Louis Vuitton ad for their premium Tambour watches. Bradley Cooper is going through the noisy and smoky New York City with the footage changing to the imagery of what appears to be his childhood memories time after time. The video is directed by La La Land’s helmer Damien Chazelle. 

The video follows the actor as he walks through the streets of New York. In another timeline (or maybe a world) we see a child (that our tender heart suspects to be a young protagonist) enjoying the freedom and carelessness of youth. The two timelines create an emotional effect of searching for elusive childhood memories in the concrete jungle of a megapolis. Louis Vuitton watch serves as a bridge between two worlds, providing the “journey beyond time”. It’s quite touching and plays all the right soul strings. 

It feels nostalgic, it features incredible cinematography of NYC, and it highlights the fantastic ability of Bradley Cooper to just stare into the air and make it seem very philosophical. Anyway, definitely one of the best fashion ads in 2022.

2. Burberry Night Creatures Film

Why: when WTF meets pure artistic genius, beautiful things happen. Burberry’s latest ad is a great example. It’s more of a short film than a classic ad, though. Three protagonists (all wearing Burberry of course) are traveling in a night bus through London. Suddenly the bus stops, they hit the street, and then it all becomes weird. Giant tentacles invaded the city. With the pleasant classical music accompaniment, we see how the tentacles “fight” with the protagonists raising them above the ground and trying to kill them. Finally, the strange creature gets a grip over all three of our heroes and gets them straight to the Thames to… show the sunrise over London Bridge. 

Burberry describes the video as an “adventure into the unknown” mirroring the company’s ethos. And it’s some seriously creative piece of artistic advertising and undoubtedly one of the best 2022 fashion ads. It is a master class of realizing the bold idea that doesn’t involve a celebrity just walking in a brand’s clothing piece but interacting with the audience through the power of storytelling. And we believe that it’s something that should be celebrated in the world of advertising.

3. Dior Holidays – The Atelier of Dreams 2022

Why: there’s nothing particularly extraordinary about this Dior holiday commercial. Still, we’re talking best fashion ads 2022 here, and this one is definitely eye candy. Led by sparklingly fine Anya Taylor-Joy and shot at Le Château de La Colle Noire in the South of France, it does what a good commercial should do. Motivate you to buy luxurious Dior products to belong to this world of ethereal beauty that is.

Also, it’s a perfect holiday ad, the one that puts you immediately into a festive mood and makes you wish that you had a Dior luxury to accompany the holidays.

4. The Exquisite Gucci Campaign

Why: iconic fashion brand chooses to pay homage to the auteur Stanley Kubrick in their 2022 fashion commercial and the result is magnificent. The video takes us through the different iconic scenes of the director’s movies with Gucci clothes making appearances too. That’s a tongue-in-cheek way to play with the already established cultural tropes and make them your own and Gucci nails it. 

The commercial is very cinematic, you can feel the respect the company has for the director and the craft.

5. Prada Paradoxe Emma Watson – Prada

Why: Emma Watson shines in this wonderful campaign for Prada. Directed by the actress herself and featuring landscape-changing visuals, spectacular cinematography, and the leitmotiv to “always be yourself”, it’s the kind of commercial you’d want to play over and over again. Watson is magnetic in this one, the pairing of extensive natural panoramas with dystopian images looks cool, and the powerful imagery is sure to inspire. We hail it our favorite fashion ad of 2022.