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best college instagram accounts

Check Out These 8 Best College Instagram Accounts We Are in Love With

We’ve collected the 10 best college Instagram accounts to show how educational institutions can use social media to communicate amazing content. There is lots of positivity, motivation, achievements, and celebration. Following these accounts, you’re getting inspired and pumped up to reach new heights. 

While college Instagram accounts are definitely not among the most popular places on this social media platform, they are definitely creative and can be used as a reference on how to produce effective content. The education industry is all about inspiration and Instagram is a perfect place to promote that. So without further ado, let’s get right to the best college Instagram accounts. 

1. Harvard

Why: being Harvard doesn’t automatically mean that your social media presence is top-notch, it’s a whole different domain. But in the case of this celebrated college, Instagram is just another place where it succeeds. Sure, the brand helps.

But having 2 million followers is quite an achievement in itself and Harvard regularly treats them to fantastic content. The main advantage of their account is just how relatable it feels. It’s not all professional photoshoots and footage. It’s also phone-captured moments, earnest stories, and vibey videos. No doubt it’s one of the best college Instagram accounts in the world.

2. Stanford

Why: another big name and an absolutely stunning Instagram. Stanford’s visual game is on point but here it’s also about impeccable storytelling. It’s not only about the photo, it’s also about the text. Long-form captions are often found on their profile and you can pull it off when you have such a rich background as Stanford when it comes to science.

With their Instagram, you’re following for something interesting for yourself. And 1 million followers are the best indication of success. 

3. Duke University

Why: it may not be the most inventive of the college Instagrams, but it’s an ultimate feel-good place filled with awesome photos, curious facts, nice unified design, and people. The latter are dully present on the pages of Duke University’s Instagram account with lengthy captions telling their stories.

Also, going to their page you immediately notice the great work with Instagram Highlights and Stories that all follow Duke’s blue branding color palette. 

4. University of Chicago

Why: University of Chicago’s Instagram account is all about wholesomeness. The bio states “showcasing one of the world’s greatest intellectual destinations, one photo at a time” and the page sticks to just that. Featuring mostly photos with short captions it adequately represents one of the best schools in America in the age of brief information. Such a celebrated institution doesn’t need much introduction and the short format works in its favor. 

5. University of Notre Dame

Why: what places the profile of the University of Notre Dame among the best college Instagram accounts? It’s a combination of high-quality visual material, the effective use of storytelling, the occasional resort to the more alive, more unfiltered look, and the devotion to form. While it’s a classic educational Instagram with little going out of the usual way of doing things, it’s perfect at just that.

6. Johns Hopkins University

Why: now this one is among the most creative college Instagrams we’ve seen recently. Applying TikTok aesthetics to boost engagement? Check. Taking on trends? Check. Having a Stranger Things-inspired university crossover? Check. More colleges should be like John Hopkins University and get further from the formal (and lifeless) Instagram look and closer to students. 

7. Columbia University

Why: you can feel the devotion to the college by opening Columbia University’s Instagram page. With a rich history and many achievements under its belt, the college is using Instagram to promote all of it and does it very well. 

8. Brown University

Why: being a beautiful page helps when you’re on Instagram. Brown University knows that and delivers. Their visuals are always on point and they don’t put out bad content. And this teaches an important lesson, quality is a must and it should be present at all times when you’re on this social media platform. Because, Instagram is always about visuals, no matter how good is your storytelling. People expect amazing photos and videos so give them that and add a pinch of creativity.