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Best Car Ads of 2022

Best Car Ads of 2022

We’ve decided to gather the best car ads in 2022. When it comes to automobile advertising, it’s always exciting. The big money is involved, the celebrities show up more often than, say, washing machine ads, and creativity is exploding. 2022 wasn’t an exception in the best car ads domain. As the industry is steadily going out of the coronavirus hibernation, car giants delivered a lot of awesome advertising, and we’re going to see it all now. 

1. Time for new ideas – Audi x The Gray Man

Why: everything is perfect in this latest Audi ad. It starts with a shot of Ana de Armas and her short conversation with Bridgerton’s heartthrob Rege Jean-Page, the video exists in the world of the Netflix 2022 Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans-led hit The Gray Man. The writing is on point too. A middleman comes to the CIA headquarters in Berlin to find an ideal car for Ana de Armas’ mysterious mission. He wants “the best one”. 

Along with the CIA “car dealer in chief” they pass from one car to another, each having some sci-fi James Bond kind of features. But the fixer is not happy. Finally, we’re seeing the brand new Audi model and that’s the one. The ad also features footage from The Gray Man and looks absolutely amazing. It’s hands-down among 2022 best car ads. Well done, Audi.

2. The new Porsche 911 Sport Classic​

Why: now this one from Porsche is simply gorgeous. Set against stunning Meditteranean backgrounds, it invites you on a visual voyage between the past and the present of the legendary 911 model. Also, it’s a long-form ad spanning over 3 minutes and made exclusively to be consumed on YouTube. The execution is flawless. Sepia colors, wonderful Italian panoramas, and, of course, slick Porsches, old and new. It’s an ad that can make grown Porsche aficionados cry and reach for the credit card to acquire a new model for the sake of the good old times. And the video is definitely one of the best car ads in 2022. 

3. 75 years of Ferrari

Why: Ferrari is not only a flashy toy for billionaires and mumble rappers (although it definitely is that too). First and foremost, it’s an Italian company with 75 years of history, one of the leaders in the world’s upscale automotive industry, and a timeless brand that is committed to delivering the highest quality, This ad is about that. Why does it grace our best car ads list? Because sometimes the shot of a car riding through some beautiful European terrain won’t do, you have to make a statement, you’ve got to remind the world who’s the boss. Ferrari does that and wins. 

4. BMW iX – Zeus & Hera

Why: Arnold Schwarzenegger and Salma Hayek in a car ad? Only such a big brand as BMW can pull it off. This was a Super Bowl entry from the German automotive behemoth and it made rounds in the entertainment circles even before the official rolling during the game night. Schwarzenegger posted an image of himself as Zeus on his Instagram and fans started immediately speculating that the star is going to start a new Marvel-like franchise. The ad was shown, the hype was created, and the new electric iX was duly presented. A sure win for BMW. But before we leave, can we appreciate the cuteness of that baby pegasus? 

5. Car Wash – Hyundai

Why: although you might have forgotten about it already, 2022 has seen Tom Holland and Mike Wahlberg teaming up for the video game film adaptation by the name Uncharted. The movie didn’t go well with critics, but Holland’s charisma helped it amass more than 400 million in box office sales. Hyundai knew that it couldn’t go wrong with casting Spider-Man himself in a Tucson ad and did just that. The results are seriously cool. You’ve got a cinematic piece of advertising perfection that gives a chance for Holland to shine, for the movie to be promoted, and for the laughs to be had. And yes, Tucson looks slick here, especially with Holland behind the wheel. 

6. Mercedes-Benz – AWAKE

Why: this is not your regular car ad. It is genuinely terrifying. And at first, you think to yourself, how the hell did Mercedes give a green light to this horror movie-inspired visual? But it’s the end that matters. The ad is not about the beauty of a car, it’s about the safety that this car provides. The suspense is a calculated choice here, the one that accentuates the necessity of having a car with a microsleep detector, a feature that is highlighted here. And this, ladies and gentlemen, is a fantastic advertising example. Chill-inducing even. 

7. Above and Beyond Land – Land Rover

Why: this ad boasts impressive visuals and does great justice to the brand concept of Land Rover. We’re headed to an island where all the wild terrain is, in fact, the car’s playground. The waterfall is a car wash, tech cliff is the parking spot, and the dunes are the roundabouts. You get the idea, right?

And while on the surface it may come off as simplistic, the plot is not a focus here. The versatility and endurance of Land Rover are. After watching the video, you will certainly have those images in your mind, of the cars that defy the difficulties of terrain and give their owners full control over the ride. And this is a beautiful utilization of creativity right there.