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banks on Instagram

6 Best Banks on Instagram in 2022

Are banks on Instagram? Of course! And while the financial industry doesn’t pop up as the most unforgettable one content-wise, guess what, the banks slay on this social media platform. 

The reason for this is easy, at the end of the day it’s all about marketing strategy and knowing how to work with your audience. For banks, Instagram is a way to engage with existing and potential clients, announce new products, run competitions, and simply make sure that the followers are entertained. 

Sure, there are some dull profiles too, but today we at Kitcast are celebrating the most creating banks on Instagram. And you definitely can get some inspiration from it for your Instagram account whatever industry you are in. 

1. Bank of America

Why: one of the biggest banks in the world, Bank of America leads a fine Instagram account and you can see that they are really interested in getting their followers informed. It’s a well-curated profile with promotional campaigns, obligatory holiday posts, and ad integrations with YouTubers. 

What we loved the most about their account was the #BofAMasterpieceMoment campaign that showcased various galleries around the world and put a highlight on celebrated artists. I mean, they could only post about the new loan scheme in Comic Sans, but Bank of America actually cares about the content they’re putting out there and it shows. 

2. Citi

Why: the power of Citi’s Instagram lies mostly in the stunning video content they produce. You’ve got motivational pieces, celebrity-packed ads, and sports-related footage. It’s all very well done, engaging, and ultimately works great as a content choice. Also, we love how they did the Highlights icons. The branding is very much on point. 

3. Goldman Sachs

Why: for a financial institution of such a grand scale as Goldman Sachs social connections matter. That’s why it’s a great choice to put people first on their social media. One of the best banks on Instagram, they showcase employers and clients. It feels relatable and works as a content strategy. 

But we’re still talking about one of the largest banks in the world, so stunningly-produced videos from the sports events Golden Sachs sponsored are also here, and so are the classic promotional footage announcing new features or services. And it’s good too.


Why: when the bank’s Instagram looks as if it’s an influencer profile, you know you did a great job on this social media network. HSBC is this institution and their account is bright, interesting, and engaging. Most of it is achieved through teaming up with celebrities, but hey, you gotta be creative to stay relevant in the 21st century. 

HSBC has come up with this “global brand ambassador” scheme and chose the sports and media darling Emma Raducanu as an unmistakable pick. So when you’re on their profile you’re getting some Raducanu charms and it is a killer move. Apart from that, do you know many banks that have their own Instagram filter? HSBC does and that’s why it’s on our list.

5. American Express

Why: scrolling down the feed of American Express feels like you’re on the page of some lifestyle publication. It’s all fashion, travel, culture, and culinary. They have chosen a “guidebook” approach to Instagram and it looks awesome. You’ve got the content on the best places to visit in the UK, a video on how to make a “Honey Deuce” cocktail, the afternoon in ​Asheville footage, and a series of pictures from Greek vacations. 

But don’t be deceived, the American Express branding is all over. You can “feel” the financial institution’s hand behind all of the content. But it matters what you “see”, we’re on Instagram after all. And AE wins big by using the classic Instagram content for its own gain while not forgetting to promote its services. That’s a great lesson for any business in an industry that is considered “unsexy” for Instagram. Make sexy content, advertise yourself through carefully-planned branding, and make it all look beautiful. 

6. Barclays UK

Why: you won’t confuse Barclays’ Instagram account with anything else. They have thought about every branding detail to make sure that their content is memorable and outstanding. Here the main focus is on various pieces of financial advice. They post both immediately recognizable short pics with text as well as longer videos with different recommendations on how to manage your money better. 

While it may not look bombastic or particularly stunning visually, it’s a very smart move that distinguishes Barclays from the competition and helps it to nurture trust with its customers. The main message here: we’re here for you. It’s not superficial and that’s a neat strategy.