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ar billboards

TOP 7 Fantastic AR Billboards that Amazed Us + Awesome 3D Ads

AR billboards have never been more fun. Along with 3D, augmented reality is a new playground for creative minds from around the world. Every month we’re getting new awesome examples of futuristic digital augmented reality billboards and it’s just the beginning.

As the technology progresses, new cool ways to use it open an unlimited number of advertising opportunities. And we’re here for it. Let’s see the best augmented reality billboards and discover some of the most fantastic 3D ads ever.

1. Sky Scary Shelter: Zombie-Attack

Why: an oldie but goldie. In 2014 Sky Austria has decided to promote the new season of Walking Dead in quite an original fashion. They used digital signage to turn a screen on a tram stop in Vienna into one of the spookiest AR billboards in the recent memory of advertising. 

Imagine sitting there waiting for a tram and then suddenly a zombie appears. The classic Vienna setting makes it even scarier. We don’t know if the people in the promotional video for the ad are the actors but some of them showed genuine fear. A skater even made an attempt to save the world from the zombie apocalypse with his skate (quite a bold move). Overall, it’s a great example of AR billboards done right. Here the creators used a static video of a street behind the billboard and combined it with the footage of zombie actors attacking the onlookers (with the sounds too). 

It’s brilliantly written too. There are three acts here: the zombie appears threatening the people waiting for the tram. Then the zombie is killed by one of the protagonists of the show. Vienna is saved. But in the end, you’ve got the actual ad for the show. Perfect job, everyone. 

2. BON V!V Spiked Seltzer AR Out-of-Home Advertising Campaign

Why: the previous entry used augmented reality that co-exists with the audience. This one is about interacting with the brand directly and becoming a hero of the brand’s story. A great application of static AR billboards this campaign is a charming one. 

BON V!V hard seltzer brand has placed special billboards on the streets of Los Angeles and San Diego in a form of vending machines for their drink. By following the link found in the center of the installation a person will see a 3D model of the vending machine on his/her phone with the possibility to choose the flavor and find the nearest place to buy it. 

While this campaign doesn’t make any revolution in AR application, it shows what can be done and it can serve as a great learning point. You can use AR to deepen the connection between your brand and the user. Because a person spends much more time interacting with the content when there is an augmented reality edge to the billboard. And it’s an awesome way to capture the attention and hold it.

3. Doritos – Make Your Play

Why: Doritos teaches a lesson in how to properly do the augmented reality billboards with their Make Your Play UK campaign. There’s a link on a billboard that enables an interactive playable window on your phone, a “portal” to a live concert. The coolest thing is that it’s not just a flashy AR thing, it’s a contest with a real interest for the audience in a form of tickets to the Strawberries & Creem Festival in Cambridge.

A user is invited to see a fragment of a live performance and then try to win the ticket by filling out the form. It’s a perfect way of interaction that boosted the interest both in the brand and in the festival. Also, it has a special purpose, it has a mission to promote the music industry that was heavily hit by COVID. And that’s amazing when the advertising is done with a cause. We salute this kind of creativity.

4. 3D digital billboard image of a giant cat in Tokyo

Why: Tokyo is famed to be one of the most cutting-edge cities in the world and this latest 3D billboard addition to the cityscape doesn’t disappoint. There’s a cat. But it’s not a regular one, it’s a gigantic digital cat that showcases the power of augmented reality in marketing. The scale of it, the interactivity, the flawless execution, all of it regularly draws crowds to watch the visual spectacle.

5. Nike Japan’s Air Max Day 3D Billboard

Why: taking the same advertising billboard as the cat from the previous entry, Nike makes it its own. The ad is seriously bombastic featuring a beautiful celebration of Air Max in the most colorful, most impressive way. It also pushes the capabilities of 3D digital billboards by giving them a slick look and truly exceptional visual power. 

6. World’s Largest Augmented Reality Billboard in Times Square, NYC

Why: augmented reality is not only for the brands, it’s also for digital art. Sometimes these two converge to spectacular results. This Times Square billboard is showcasing the work of Rubem Robierb, a sculpture that is called “Peace makers” that gets activated by your phone and provides an enhanced viewing experience. 

7. Dior’s first 3D Billboard in Times Square, New York

Why: Dior used 3D and anamorphic imagery to create a beautiful visual experience on Times Square. And it’s definitely one of the coolest applications of AR technology we’ve seen in recent years. The colors and shapes come alive in a gigantic (and probably super expensive) New York spot.