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Top Benefits of Using Apple TV for Digital Signage

If you’re reading this article, you’ve probably heard positive things about using Apple TV for digital signage and are curious. That’s great. Cupertino’s company gadget is among the industry’s best for an easy, straightforward, powerful, and flexible signage technology. But it doesn’t achieve all of it alone. The software makes the magic possible. Kitcast specializes in bringing the best of Apple TV for irresistible and secure digital signage. Read the article to learn more.

What’s the difference between the Apple TV app, Apple TV device, and Apple TV+? 

Let’s be honest, Apple didn’t make it easy for users to immediately distinguish between its several products that have “TV” in the name. But maybe that was done on purpose for a person to get deeper into the company’s gadget lore. 

It’s time to know what stands for what once and for all. 

Apple TV the device – a streaming media player that is a hero of our article and a device you should use to create a superb digital signage network. 

– Apple TV app – a media player application that is made for viewing television shows and films delivered by Apple and bridges the whole streaming ecosystem of the company together. As an app, it is available across different Apple devices. 

– Apple TV the software – sometimes you may see this name around too. It used to be an operating system of the earlier versions of Apple TV (the device). Today the latest generations of Apple TV are run using the tvOS. 

– Apple TV+ – this one brings the most confusion. The “+” in the name stands for a streaming platform developed by Apple as a subscription-based on-demand competitor to the likes of Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Max. It often gets referred to as simply “Apple TV” but is, in fact, in a whole different universe. 

Now that you know the distinction between various Apple TVs, let’s get a closer look at how the device can power your digital signage content.

How can you use Apple TV for digital signage?

Before the cloud technology, digital signage was limited to on-site solutions that were hard to maintain and service. The screen networks of yesteryear needed almost constant attention, a burdensome server, and non-stop monitoring of the dedicated IT team. 

It all changed with the rise of the cloud-based digital signage. 

The technology here exists in the cloud. You’ve got software that controls your screens and allows you to broadcast any kind of content. All the data is stored in a secure cloud so you don’t need to manage a service. Moreover, there’s no need for an IT team, all the issues are resolved by the customer support specialists.

Now, the principle of work is more or less the same for cloud-based digital signage solutions. It’s the ways to reach the result and the performance that differ. 

Here’s where Apple TV as a digital signage tool comes into play. Kitcast is your go-to solution for using this device to power the display network. 

Think about it as a bridge between your screens and the software, an enabling tool that ensures that everything goes as smoothly and as hassle-free as possible. Apple TV has all the technological “meat” to provide a fantastic performance. 

Paired with Kitcast’s state-of-the-art software, businesses can reach all the marketing and communicational goals. We’ve been on the market for almost a decade now constantly providing a top-notch level of service to numerous clients across a variety of industries.

Why you should use Apple TV for digital signage?

We’ve got the “what” and “how”. Now it’s time to understand why Apple TV for digital signage is the ultimate device to use. 

There are several reasons for that: 

– it’s powerful 

– it’s secure

– it’s beautifully designed

– it’s connected to the larger Apple ecosystem 

– it enables the enterprise-level performance

– it’s money-friendly (compared to other digital signage devices on the market)

How to create a digital signage network with Kitcast and Apple TV? 

No longer do you need to go through a stressful configuration process to enable digital signage for your company or organization. With the capabilities of Apple TV and the software power of Kitcast, the process is extremely easy and quick. 

Here are the steps you need to take: 

apple tv for digital signage

Step 1: Connect your Apple TV device to the screen

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Step 2: Download the Kitcast application from the App Store

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Step 3 – Link your device via the dashboard in the app

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Step 4 – You’re all set and ready to create stunning digital signage content

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