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  • philip oroni urKjy4w TtY unsplash 10 Most-Followed People on Instagram - 1

    10 Most-Followed People on Instagram

    People want to know who are the most-followed people on Instagram. It’s such a pressing topic that there’s even a separate Wikipedia page for this. While you would expect humanity to give what it’s due to the many amazing scientists, doctors, Human Rights lawyers, writers, journalists, and maybe firefighters, a quick glance at the list paints a quite different picture. The list of the top 10 most-followed people on Instagram includes not 1 but 3 Kardashians, 2 football players, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and 3 American pop stars. So long with the faith in mankind.

  • best real estate instagram accounts 2023

    8 Best Real Estate Instagram Accounts 2023

    With this article, you’ll discover the best real estate Instagram accounts at the moment. We believe that the real estate industry under uses the powers of social media. And it’s a sin as the domain is very visual and has a big content potential. Sure, the listings differ. Not everything is an ocean-facing penthouse in Miami. But with an understanding of the audience and a commitment to producing only top-notch content, real estate agencies can do magic on Instagram.

  • 10 irresistible restaurant Instagram accounts to inspire 10 Best Restaurant Instagram Accounts to Inspire Yours - 2
    Listicles,  Restaurants

    10 Best Restaurant Instagram Accounts to Inspire Yours

    We’re here to deliver you a fresh list of the best restaurant Instagram accounts of 2023. Food is as Instagrammable as ever, the creativity flows, and the followers are regularly impressed by the audacity of the social media managers. That’s how we like it, anyway. Best restaurant Instagram accounts are ready to amaze and entertain you, they don’t settle for the ordinary. Let’s celebrate it. Here are the best restaurant Instagrams in 2023. 1. Crown Shy Why: it’s mouthwatering at NYC’s Crown Shy Instagram account. Extremely sexy, very well-run, and boasting diverse content, it’s among the best restaurant Instagram accounts of 2023 hands down. The visuals are crazy good and…

  • markus winkler bfuy8aRCRt4 unsplash 10 Best Fashion Brands on Instagram - 3

    10 Best Fashion Brands on Instagram

    Browsing through the best fashion brands on Instagram is a highly inspiring and visually pleasing experience. It allows you to see the diverse approaches that the best creative minds of the world are using to market their products. And it’s a great study of what’s en vogue today, what’s trending, and where the fashion industry stands.

  • banks on Instagram

    6 Best Banks on Instagram in 2022

    Are banks on Instagram? Of course! And while the financial industry doesn’t pop up as the most unforgettable one content-wise, guess what, the banks slay on this social media platform. 

  • digital signage for instagram
    How to

    How to Use Digital Signage for Instagram Growth

    Two questions are popular among those who resort to screen technology: how to grow your Instagram account and how to properly organize digital signage for Instagram. On the surface, the screens and the omnipresent social media don’t have much in common. But they absolutely do, and work perfectly well together. How is that? Let us show you this article. 

  • best tech instagram accounts

    7 Best Tech Instagram Accounts That Kill It With Content

    Reviewing the best tech Instagram accounts is a bit meta in itself. Like how can you rate Instagram’s Instagram account? Or Twitter being Twitter on Meta-owned Instagram. But top tech Instagram accounts know exactly what they’re doing, and they are putting the most amazing content out there. Something that other companies can learn and get inspiration from. So we’d like to present the best tech Instagram accounts to you. It will be exciting.

  • 15 Instagram Accounts to Follow if You Own a Cafe - Kitcast Blog
    Digests,  Listicles,  Restaurants

    15 Instagram Accounts to Follow if You Own a Cafe

    Another year, another list of the best cafe Instagram accounts from Kitcast. Why we’re doing that? Trends change, the approaches to social media change, and it’s always exciting to see how the places where you have your favorite drink react. Also, such kind of articles can give you coffee shop Instagram ideas to use in your business. So take a look at this list of 15 best cafe Instagram accounts to follow in 2023. 

  • top clothing retailers

    8 Top Clothing Retailers to Follow on Instagram

    Top clothing retailers love Instagram. It’s their natural playground, it’s a space where they can sell better. Catering predominately to the younger audience, clothing retailers can reach the hearts and wallets easier on this social media network. And we’re here to see how exactly they do it.