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5 Restaurant Marketing Campaigns to Get Inspired by - Kitcast Blog

5 Restaurant Marketing Campaigns to Get Inspired by

3 min read

Every restaurant launches marketing campaigns at some point. Tight competition forces them to go beyond trivial advertising tools, and that’s where restaurants can get really high on creativity and inspire others along the way. We’ve browsed through numerous campaigns for the brilliant and the best restaurant marketing campaigns that should be studied in detail and used by marketers worldwide to get their restaurants noticed.

It’s always great to learn. In the creative spheres, learning means inspiration. And inspiration leads to better performance and more sales. These best restaurant marketing campaigns we’ve chosen give you an idea of how seemingly simple things and ideas can be made into unstoppable marketing behemoths. At the end of the day, it’s all about the audience and emotions. It’s essential to know what your audience is interested in to strike the right chord and win big. Because it’s the marketing with a heart that works best. We sincerely want you to achieve the same results as the companies we’ve chosen for this list.

Here is our roundup of 5 best restaurant marketing campaigns to get inspired by.

1. Follow the Arches OOH by McDonald’s

A brainchild of a Canadian creative agency Cossette, Follow the Arches is one of the best restaurant marketing campaigns ever. They took a minimalistic yet innovative approach to the billboard advertising by reducing the message to simply a part of an iconic McDonald’s logo and adapting it to the way people perceive the traffic signs.

Key takeaways: think creatively and don’t be afraid to enhance the power of your advertising message by using the surroundings.

2. Finger Selfies by Nando’s

Nando's Twitter - best restaurant marketing campaigns

Nando’s know a thing or two about social media marketing, they have created many memorable campaigns to promote their chicken-selling fast-food chain. The one we love the most is Finger Selfies, an adorable and imaginative trend that Nando’s started a few years ago. The main idea is so simple it hurts, – people shoot fun selfies using a pen, a finger and a napkin, the restaurant incentivizes them by giving the gift coupon to the best entries.

Key takeaways: collaborate with your customers to create a fun and engaging user-generated content.

3. Tim Hortons Black Bus

Tim Hortons, one of Canada’s most famous coffee and donuts restaurant chains, got physical for this stunt. Basically, they’ve brought a custom-designed bus to roam the Toronto streets and picking the passengers on the designated stops. Upon entering the people found themselves in an improvised coffee shop on the wheels where they were offered a sip of Tim Hortons dark roast coffee.

Key takeaways: simple, and down-to-earth approach + a good understanding of your target audience can result in long-lasting benefit.

4. #MiracleTreatDay by Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen has long been a pioneer of social media marketing. Also, the popular American ice cream chain has been continuously supporting Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals funding the lifesaving children treatments. #MiracleTreatDay was one of the most successful Twitter charity campaigns. Dairy Queen set up a day when $1 or more from every Blizzard treat purchased was donated to the charity. The hashtag brought millions in impressions and acquired tens of thousands of shares and mentions for the restaurant chain.

Key takeaways: make a restaurant marketing campaign that matters and people will be happy to help you with it by sharing and mentioning your brand.

5. Digital menu boards by Subway

In order to positively transform the customer experience, Subway has brought digital signage to its locations. This was done in a form of digital menus and interactive kiosks. The visitors had the opportunity to order and pay using the kiosks. This move helped the company to enhance customer retention, boost sales and innovate the industry.

Key takeaways: in a highly digitalized world, use the full scope of possibilities that are available on the market for the benefit of your customers.

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