What You Can Learn From These Digital Signage Projects for Churches

The house of worship is a community place. It gathers people and spreads a message. Digital signage for churches can enhance the message and make it more visible and clear. The screens can improve the overall church visiting experience. More and more houses of worship across the world turn to innovative digital solutions for improvement and better serving the congregations. Read More

Our 10 favourite digital signage campaigns in sports in 2018 - Kitcast Blog

Our 10 Favourite Digital Signage Campaigns in Sports in 2018

Digital signage in sports is always grand and fascinating. Just like the game itself. Ranging from gigantic scoreboards to multiple small screens around the stadium premises, digital signage can seriously boost up the attendance and drastically improve the visiting experience for the fans. It is a universal way to make the game more interesting using top-notch technology and the possibilities of the modern displays. Read More